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Blindspot: 01x01, Pilot

Dened Rey Moreno | PopWrapped Author

Dened Rey Moreno

09/23/2015 3:16 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Blindspot: 01x01, Pilot | Blindspot
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The first episode of the Blindspot starts with a policeman noticing a strange-looking bag that has been left behind in Times Square. After approaching, the cop notices the message "Call the FBI" that's hanging from the bag and in the next scene, we see the federal bomb squad slowly making its way to the bag that's now lying in a completely deserted Times Square.

Before the FBI agent has time to fully inspect the bag, it starts moving, and slowly, our leading character emerges from it; and that's when we first see Jaimie Alexander (Thor, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) brilliantly playing the character of Jane Doe, a woman that is completely naked, I'm guessing, just so everyone can notice that her body is entirely covered in strange tattoos.

After that, we jump to Agent Weller's introduction scene, in which he's seen being a hero and a clearly capable FBI agent. Weller is played by Sullivan Stapleton (Strike Back), and he's called into the New York department because "Why is your name tattooed on her back?"

Weller is immediately put in charge of the "Jane Doe" case and after countless interrogation -in which Jane says time and again that she doesn't remember who she is, many more tests and full body scans, Jane finally recognizes one of the tattoos. It's an address and a date, and soon enough, she pushes until she's accompanying Weller and his team to investigate further.

The person they're looking for turns out to be gone, but the trip isn't in vane.  While she's waiting for Weller to wrap up, Jane stumbles upon the tenant of the building beating up his wife and before she can think better of it, she confronts him and a fight breaks out.

At the same time, we discover that one of Jane's tattoos is actually a Navy Seal tattoo, and that she was possibly Special Forces.  We also find out that the person they are looking for is planing to blow up the Statue of Liberty, because the U.S. government never gave asylum to his mom and therefore, she ended up being killed in prison camp. While chasing the perp, Weller manages to save everyone from a bomb that detonates in the subway, and then catch up to the bomber in the Statue of Liberty before he can actually detonate again. But as Agent Weller struggles to fight the guy -he ends up with a knife digging into his neck- Jane is the one that manages to make a dangerous shot that saves Weller's life, after he encourages her to shoot the perp regardless of his situation.

By the time the episode comes to an end, we're certain of several things:

  • Jane and Weller will remain working together for as long as the tattoos remain saving countless lives.

  • Jane was either Special Forces or Intelligence, because of the training she displayed throughout the Pilot.

  • We see in a flashback that Jane had a mentor, a person that trained her on possibly every skill she knows -a person who also happened to be the same man that ended up killing the bomber at the end of the episode, after he followed Weller and Jane throughout the whole chase. Good guy, bad guy? We have yet to figure out.

  • And finally, but not least important, we know that Jane's memory was erased by her own choice, as seen on another memory in which she is being told by her mentor -perhaps even friend- that she will lose her entire identity if she takes the drug, which only prompts her to reply with: “I know. But it’s my only choice.”

Now, this show started off strong and intense, and I really expect many great things from it. Blindspot is packed with the kind of mystery that leaves you wanting for more, while at the same time it gives you enough clues to keep you on your toes. Jaimie's interpretation of her character is extremely compelling and captivating, while Sullivan's performance blends perfectly with the action-packed storyline. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it will deliver the same kind of quality next week.

Seriously, give this show a chance, you won't regret it.

Blindspot airs on NBC, Monday's at 10pm, right after The Voice.


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