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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Blindspot: 01x02, A Stray Howl

Dened Rey Moreno | PopWrapped Author

Dened Rey Moreno

09/30/2015 2:55 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Blindspot: 01x02, A Stray Howl | Blindspot
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"I think terrible people do terrible things."

Last night's Blindspot definitely lived up to the standards set by its amazing pilot. The second episode of the freshman season was packed with mysteries, action, drama, lots of explosions and even a pretty sweet car chase!

"A Stray Howl" starts with Jane trying to regain more memories with the help of her therapist. She once again remembers her target practice in the woods, but doesn't really believe she's a Navy SEAL because of how inconvenient the training seemed. After that, Agent Weller takes Jane to the armory, just to see if he can juggle her muscle memory when it comes to the use of several different guns.

Of course, Jane instantly assembles an assault riffle and starts testing the guns, never missing a single target. But as she's shooting with a handgun, a memory comes back to her and in it, Jane sees herself assassinating a nun inside a church. When Weller asks her what's wrong, Jane lies and doesn't say a word about the new memory, but the worry and the concern are clearly present in her face.

As the team studies the ink in Jane's body for more clues, a new tattoo is cracked. Soon enough, the FBI's scientist Patterson discovers that figuring out the first tattoo actually gave them a clue to crack the second one. And this time, the case leads them to a former Air Force pilot, Major Arthur Gibson.

Jane joins Weller and his team as they go to pay Gibson a visit, hoping that he'll know who she is once he sees her, but everything takes a turn for the worst. What they find upon arriving at Gibson's house is a very paranoid ex-military pilot that refuses to offer any kind of helpful information and definitely doesn't have a clue about who is Jane Doe. Disappointed with their lack of results, the team retreats to try and figure out a new angle for the case when suddenly Gibson's house blows up.

And that's the first of all the cool explosions this episode has!

Once they realize that the pilot escaped, the team then meets with Gibson's CO to investigate further. The CO isn't much help, but after digging up more about the pilot's life, they realize that Gibson was, in fact, operating drone pilots within the U.S. border and that he was kicked out of the program for some unclear reason.

,But as Gibson's string of violent events continues -he kidnaps a kid and kills his CO with a drone strike- Weller's team starts to question whether or not trusting Jane's tattoos was actually a good idea. However, Weller speaks up in Jane's behalf, reminding all of them -Jane included- how important she really is and how her clues helped to save hundred of innocent lives.

As the team discovers that another possible victim might be a pilot that used to work with Gibson, they set out to find him. When they arrive, the pilot is not home, but Jane does manage to catch him coming up the stairs, and then starts pursuing him once Gibson realizes the FBI is there for him.

Once again, we witness Jane's Special Forces skills when she catches up to him quickly and then starts fighting him -in a really incredible hand-to-hand combat choreography. But after capturing the suspect, the team makes the mistake of taking the pilot outside and, of course, Gibson doesn't miss the opportunity to send a drone strike their way. Before the explosion, though, Jane catches the guy that was training her in her memories, watching them from a distance.

They all survive, and after interrogating the pilot and Gibson's general, the FBI discovers the next attack will be in their own building and that they have about an hour to find Gibson before he kills thousands of people with another drone missile. Thanks to Patterson's research, they manage to pinpoint Gibson's possible location and they set out to find him.

Jane teams up with Weller and in the car, she tells him that she remembers something unforgivable. She's afraid that she might be a terrible person but Weller assures her that she's a good person because her first instinct is to always help those that need it.

Once they make it to the building, Gibson manages to escape Weller and as he's getting away, Jane decides to pursue him without waiting for backup -cue epic car chase! She manages to neutralize Gibson, but not before her own car flips and crashes.

Jane isn't hurt but as she's recovering, she remembers another fact about her assassination of the nun, and it is that apparently she killed the woman just to retrieve a USB. Soon enough, Weller arrives to help her and capture Gibson, successfully stopping his last drone strike and rescuing the kidnapped girl.

Another subplot happening while the team works the case is the possible discovery of Jane's real identity. At the beginning of the episode we see Kurt Weller with his sister, and she's asking him if he's going to Taylor's memorial.

It seems that when Weller was 10 years old, he had a friend a bit younger than him that went missing in his hometown. Although there wasn't anything to really prove it, Kurt's father was blamed for the kidnapping -and possibly murder of the little girl- which was something that ruined his life and caused Weller not speak to his father ever again.

What's so significant about Kurt Weller's back story is that he believes Jane Doe is actually Taylor Shaw, the little girl that went missing 25 years ago, because she has the same eyes, is the same age, and has the same scar that his friend used to have.

Sadly, we won't know if Jane Doe's DNA matches Taylor Shaw's until next week. Just like we won't know what exactly will happen with Jane now that the man from the flashbacks has decided to finally show himself to her.

What we do know, though, is that the person that inked the tattoos in Jane's body had to have a really high clearance in order to know about the drone program within the U.S. borders. And we also know that once Jane starts fighting, it is difficult for her to control her anger and that if it weren't for Weller, I'm pretty sure she would have killed both the Chinese tenant and the pilot without a doubt.

The performance by Jaimie Alexander was once again incredible, and the writing of the show is great at balancing the mystery with the actions and all the possible theories. Overall, this was a really solid episode that managed to maintain the pace of the pilot. Although I'm hoping this won't be the pace of the whole season because there's no room for resting or breathing in the episodes and I think that, eventually, this will make all the viewers too dizzy.


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