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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Blindspot: 01x03, Eight Slim Grins

Dened Rey Moreno | PopWrapped Author

Dened Rey Moreno

10/07/2015 6:26 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Blindspot: 01x03, Eight Slim Grins | Eight Slim Grins
Media Courtesy of TVEquals

"Who am I?"

After tonight's episode, entitled "Eight Slim Grins", I can honestly say that this show is one of my new favorite freshman shows. The action is thrilling, the story unpredictable and the mystery never fails to keep you at the edge of your seat! I am loving it, and if you still have doubts about it, here's a recap that will hopefully guide you to see the light (and watch the show).

Last week's episode of Blindspot revealed to us that Agent Kurt Weller had a clue regarding Jane Doe's real identity. The theory was that Jane -- for having the same eyes, age and neck scar -- could be Taylor Shaw, a little girl who had been missing for 25 years and used to live next door to Agent Weller. In the same episode, while Jane, Weller and his team raced to stop a rogue ex-Air Force pilot from bombing the F.B.I. headquarters with a drone strike, we also saw the same man from Jane's memories make contact with Jane for the first time.

And tonight's episode kicked off right from where it ended.

Jane immediately starts attacking her aggressor and after a great fight -- where even a tooth is lost -- she manages to contain the threat. That's when she finally gets to look at his face and realizes that he's the same man from her memories -- the man that used to be her friend. Right away, she starts to question him about who he is and her own identity, but the guy only manages to tell Jane not to trust the F.B.I. before he's shot several times, instantly dying.

Next, we see Weller and the F.B.I. rattled by the events. No one knows who the shooter was, and no one can find any information regarding the mystery man. Just like Jane, he's a ghost. At the same time, a robbery takes place. A group of people steals some jewelry, but as they're leaving, one of the guys is wounded, and he is left behind.

Meanwhile, Jane is talking to her therapist, and it is obvious that she's angry at having her answers taken away from her once again. Weller and Mayfair, the assistant director of the F.B.I., discuss whether or not they should tell Jane about the Taylor Shaw theory, but the AD doesn't think it's a good idea. Jane catches them arguing, but, when she asks Weller about it, he just lies and tells her the discussion had nothing to do with her. She can't see through the deflection, and, because of it, Jane doesn't tell Weller what the mystery man told her before he died.

The conversation is cut short when Patterson summons them to inform Jane and Weller that the guy that was apprehended at the robbery has the same SEAL tattoo as Jane, but when they go to question him, the guy is so banged up after being shot that he's being taken to surgery.

After further investigation, the F.B.I. learns that all the members of the heist are notorious robbers and that they used to be Black Ops. They manage to get a lead on one of the suspects and set out to find him. Upon arriving at the mini-mall where the suspect is, Jane and Weller clash once again -- this time because Jane wants to go looking for the perp, and Weller just wants her to stay in the car so he can keep her safe since she doesn't have any weapons on her. Angry at Weller's decision, Jane gets out of the car, and, as she's looking around, she spots the suspect and decides to pursue him instead of calling for back-up.

The suspect realizes that he's been made and starts running, but, after catching up and fighting the guy, Jane manages to lose him after she's forced to take cover because the guy starts shooting at her. Weller and his team are understandably angry at Jane for disobeying their orders, and, when she questions Weller once again about his conversation with Mayfair, Weller doesn't answer and, instead, replies that, in order to work well together, Jane needs to trust him.

Patterson finds them another lead, and, this time, Weller benches Jane as punishment for disobeying his orders. While in HQ, Jane catches Patterson studying her tats and voices her frustration about being left behind. Patterson reassures her that they just need to find a way to work together and that, eventually, even Jane will be part of the team. The new information leads the team to the suspect's location, but, at the same time Weller gets a call; the captured suspect is out of surgery and awake.

Weller decides to take Jane to the hospital while Agent Reade and Agent Zapata go check out the other suspect's location. Reade thinks Weller is compromised when it comes to Jane, but Weller sets his foot down and orders the rest of his team to follow the new lead while she takes Jane to the hospital to interrogate the former soldier.

Meanwhile, Patterson discovers the tattoo on Jane's body that links to the file with Mayfair's name on it. When she brings it up with the assistant director, Mayfair just plays off and tells Patterson that she'll look at the file later.

In the hospital, Jane and Weller aren't having any better luck. The suspect is intubated, and it'll take a while before he can talk. Frustrated, Jane tells Weller to stop withholding information about her case and asks for a gun just so she can go on the field with the rest of the team. Weller says no, and Jane inquires once again about his conversation with Mayfair. She tells Weller that the mystery man warned her not to trust the F.B.I., but, even then, Weller denies that the argument with the assistant director was about Jane.

Right then, the power goes out, and the hospital is overtaken by the rest of the robbers from the heist. They are heavily armed, and they have jammed the cell phone signals and cut the phone lines just so the police in the building can't call for back up. Knowing that the situation doesn't look too good, Weller decides to move the suspect to another place and gives Jane his gun, telling her to stay with the subject while he goes out to intercept the robbers. The suspect then wakes up, and, although he cannot talk because he is still intubated, he manages to nod when Jane asks him if he recognizes her. Another member of his team enters the place, and Jane, once again, displays her amazing SEAL skills, putting a knife through the former Black Ops soldier without much trouble.

Hearing gunshots in the distance, Jane realizes that Weller might be in trouble, and she goes out to find him, leaving the suspect alone. She saves Weller's life right before he's killed, but, by the time they go back to the room, the suspect who knew her is gone. In the confusion of the F.B.I. evacuation of the hospital, the robber dresses as a doctor and tries to take his brother with him, but his attempts fails, and he is killed by Weller and Jane. Because his brother removed his intubation and he cannot breathe without it, the suspect cannot survive in time for help to arrive, and he also dies -- but not before telling a desperate Jane a single word that has to do with her past: "Orion".

Jane is devastated after losing yet another person that might lead her to some real answers about who she might be, and that is when Weller decides to tell her about the Taylor theory. Back at HQ, Weller and his team reunite with Mayfair, and they decide to include Jane as part of the team, even agreeing to giving her a gun after she passes the necessary tests. Right then, Patterson shows up with the test results, and, in a very interesting turn of events, she reveals to Jane and Weller that Taylor and Jane's DNA are an exact match. Jane Doe is in fact Taylor Shaw, the girl that disappeared from Kurt Weller's life 25 years earlier and the same girl that everyone in town thought -- including Kurt -- Mr. Weller had taken and killed. Both Weller and Jane -- now Taylor, I guess -- are relieved to finally know the truth. Weller is thrilled to have found his long missing friend, and Jane is filled with questions about Taylor.

Outside HQ, we then see Mayfair talking to a man about Jane and the fact that one of her tattoos leads to a file of an extremely classified operation called "Daylight". The man's immediate response is to kill Jane because no one is supposed to know about that operation, but Mayfair manages to convince him that killing her would be for nothing, since all her tattoos are already in the system. They are, however, concerned with the people that put the tattoos on Jane's body because, to their knowledge, only four people were supposed to be aware of "Daylight" -- including both the man and Mayfair -- and of them is already dead.

Which brings us to the question, what is "Daylight" and why are people in such powerful positions willing to do whatever it takes in order to keep it a secret? How will Weller and Jane's -- Taylor's -- relationship change now that it has been confirmed that she is the girl that he has been looking for all his life? And, based on previous flashbacks, it seemed like Jane and mystery man planed the whole thing together, but, given his reaction when Jane said that she remembered him, saying it was impossible, could it be that not everything is going according to plan?

I love this show because, every week, it answers as much as it makes you question everything even more. I'm addicted to how good it is, and I honestly hope that it can keep offering the captivating essence that each episode always brings to the table. The writers are doing a brilliant job at engaging the viewers with an amazing story, and it certainly helps that the cast is incredible. Special recognition goes out to Jaimie Alexander because she is killing it every single week.

Honestly, watch this show. You won't regret it.


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