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Television PopWrapped | Television

Blindspot: 01x04, Bone May Rot

Dened Rey Moreno | PopWrapped Author

Dened Rey Moreno

10/15/2015 6:21 am
PopWrapped | Television
Blindspot: 01x04, Bone May Rot | Blindspot
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And we are back to the question, who is Jane Doe?

Last night's episode was a roller coaster of action, emotions, puzzles and tension. It was brilliant, which seems to be a trend when it comes to Blindspot, and I can't wait to see what's coming next week. But first, let's recap.

The episode opens in a timeline set two years ago, in which we see a man die inside a biohazard facility because his safety suit was compromised. Then, we jump back to the present, where Patterson is in her house having breakfast with her boyfriend, who helps her uncover the next clue regarding Jane's tattoos.

After, we see Jane and Kurt talking to Jane's therapist about Taylor Shaw's life and family. Jane discovers that Taylor has no family alive and that she used to spend  a lot of time with Weller and his sister while they were kids. Then we see Reade catch Zapata talking to a skinny dude in the streets before work, they tease each other about their dating life and head to HQ together.

Upon arrival, they discover that the new clue leads to the Centers for Disease Control. Reade argues once again that Jane shouldn't be in the field, but Weller shuts him down. The team gets to the CDC, and as they are following protocol to inspect the facility, they pass through a UV light room, where they are surprised to discover an invisible tattoo in Jane's forehead that can only be seen because of the special UV frequency the CDC uses in their decontamination process.

The numbers in Jane's face correspond to deadly viruses. After digging further, the team discovers that one vial from each virus is missing from the top secret biohazard lab that the CDC has. While investigating, Weller and Jane are stuck in an emergency lockdown and since Weller is anxious because he's trapped, Jane asks him to tell her about the night Taylor went missing.

Weller tells her that he was in charge of taking care of her that night, and that when he went to check on Taylor, she was gone. There was no sign of someone breaking in. Then Jane has a flashback in which we see the shadow of a man telling Taylor to keep quiet and leading her by the hand out of the house. Kurt then tells Jane that the only suspect was his father, but he wasn't charged because there was no evidence of him being guilty.

Meanwhile, Patterson is still trying to get Mayfair to hand over information about the redacted file that's linked to Jane's tattoo. But Mayfair gives her excuses about possible agents being compromised because they are still in the field and because poking around that file is too dangerous. Patterson insists, but when Mayfair hints that she has knowledge of Patterson sharing secret information with a civilian, Patterson relents and leaves the room.

By the time the lockdown is lifted, and Rebecca is already gone, the team realizes that the person who stole the viruses was the current deputy director of epidemiology. They learn thanks to Patterson that Rebecca plans to release a virus that doesn't has a cure yet; and that she has been involved in several of the outbreaks that had taken many lives all over the world.

As the team races to find Rebecca and the virus she intends to distribute, Rebecca kills her husband and then shoots herself, all under the illusion that she is helping the human race survive. In the same car where they find their bodies, they also find a parking ticket from a terminal that leads the F.B.I. to the location where Rebecca planned to release the virus.

As Jane and Weller race against time - they only have 2 hours before the virus is released - Jane ask Kurt about how Taylor going missing affected him, if he blames himself. She also asks him about his relationship with his father, but Weller is curt and he tells Jane that he doesn't want to talk about it because it is complicated.

Once they get to the terminal, Weller and Jane manage to spot the virus. But the biohazard control team  is too far to reach them before the virus is released and so, Weller and his team are forced to neutralize the area by themselves. They successfully manage to make it airtight, and once again save the day.

But soon they realize that the case is not over, because Frank, the other high ranking official from the CDC, turns out to have been working alongside Rebecca all along. He and Weller are both wearing safety suits and trying to secure the virus when Patterson alerts Weller of Frank's plan to infest himself and spread the virus all over the world.

The men start fighting each other, and when Kurt is about to be overpowered, Jane shows up and helps him take the guy down.

Zapata and Weller once again point out that the person behind Jane's tattoo has a high ranking clearance, while Reade tells Jane that he has nothing against her, but that he's worried about the person Weller becomes when he's around her.

Back at HQ, Mayfair meets with the mystery guy regarding the "Daylight" files. He asks her to hand over Jane to him because he's concerned about the situation and he wants to interrogate her. But Mayfair denies it and tells him that she's not handing over Jane to the CIA because she can handle the situation. The mystery guy, who is clearly a high ranking member of the CIA, doesn't agree with Mayfair's decision of not terminating Jane but he leaves anyways.

In another room, Kurt thanks Jane for being so brave and for saving his life. They talk some more about Taylor's past and Kurt tells Jane that he's glad to have her - Taylor - back. But then Patterson comes into the room and asks for a moment alone with Weller. We jump to Zapata once again meeting with the skinny dude, who turns out to be her bookie. He's demanding that she pays him the 40k that she owes, or else they'll be consequences. Zapata says that she's good for it even though it is clear that she has an addition and that she's concerned about actually not having the money to pay her bookie back.

Once they are along in HQ, Patterson tells Weller that she has indisputable proof that Jane Doe was born in Africa, to which Weller replies that it is impossible, because Taylor Shaw was born in Pennsylvania and he was there the day she was brought home.

This latest revelation complicates everything even more, since Jane's identity is once again back to being a mystery. Is she Taylor Shaw or not? How is it possible for the tests to be so conclusive and yet so contradictory? Will Kurt Weller tell Jane about this latest news? Or will he keep it to himself?

Next week, I'm hoping we'll get some answers!


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