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Television PopWrapped | Television

Brian Griffin Revived In Time For A Christmas Miracle

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/16/2013 5:21 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Brian Griffin Revived In Time For A Christmas Miracle
Media Courtesy of TBS

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer

About a month and few broken hearts ago, the writers of Family Guy had Brian Griffin run over by a car. This act was preceeded by Stewy Griffin dismantling his time machine, giving him no way to go back in time and save his best friend from death. It was, quite literally, a hit and run. The car didn’t even slow down to see if it had hit something! Stewy Griffin, and show fans, was devastated. But it’s okay, guys! Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, assures us that it was all a hoax! A big gotcha! A very, very belated April Fools! So what if he led us on, signing our e-petitions and leaving long-winded emails, begging for Brian’s return? MacFarlane has assured viewers that Brian will come back to the show on December 15—just in time for Christmas! But how will they do it? Some sources speculate that Stewy will finally find that missing titanium piece for his time machine, and save Brian from ever being run over. But we won’t give away the real secret—you’ll have to watch to find out! Kind of like Rose Tyler and her dad on the Doctor Who episode “Father’s Day.” Except Brian gets to stay. Right? If you haven’t already, head on over to your favorite video site and catch Brian’s miraculous return!


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