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The Brothers Reunite With Sheriff Mills On This Week's Supernatural, "Hibbing 911"

Susan Booth | PopWrapped Author

Susan Booth

12/03/2014 12:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Brothers Reunite With Sheriff Mills On This Week's Supernatural,
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Hey there Supernatural fans! It's me, Susan, your weekly Supernatural recapper! Now, it's been quite some time since since we've seen good old Jody Mills helping the boys work a case. Jody's appearance in "Hibbing 911" is great because it reminds us of just how great a character she really is. The awesome thing about Kim Rhodes is that she has managed to create a character every bit as layered as most of those who have spent years on the show. So, it's more than okay with me that the first half of this episode focuses on the kick ass Sheriff Mills. What exactly has she been up to? Well, she's still taking care of Alex like a daughter, but a Minnesota-Dakotas Sheriffs' Retreat? Does this seem as ridiculous as I think it does? Or is that just because I happen to be from Minnesota? There, she manages to run into another Supernatural alum, Donna Hanscum, who the boys helped in last season's episode "The Purge." Donna's got more caffeine in her than every Starbucks in the northern hemisphere, which is crazy compared to Jody's calm and cool cloud, but Jody feels some sympathy for her after witnessing Donna's ex-husband Doug (who also happens to be a sheriff) give Donna a ration of crap for her weight. He's a complete prick, and it's nice to see that Jody recognizes it. The retreat is just as exciting as getting your teeth pulled. Local sheriff Cuse asks those who are in attendance to partner up for the weekend. Doug, who's not only very shallow but a complete ass, partners with the cute Sheriff Goodhill next to him, and with no other available options, Donna, the yin to Jody's yang, decides the two should pair up. While choosing between the very lame retreat programs such as "Cops vs. Winter: The Snow Must Go On" and "Preparing for a Riot: Why Not Try It," Donna and Jody learn of a grizzly murderer who likes to kill in alleyways. Not so much as a claw mark or hair is found on the victim, which is pretty surprising as animal attacks go, even more so since they are rare in the area, but this guy has been eaten down to the bone and then some. Thinking this may be something supernatural, Jody checks in with the boys, who are deep into researching the Mark of Cain, but who have not come up with a damn thing. The most interesting thing that they find? Some study called "He-wolf, She-wolf: A Study in Werewolf Transgenderism," which is a paper I would have avoided turning in if I had that class in college. Sam gives Jody the details on Dean's post-demon binge and the recovery so far, while Jody explains that Alex is basically smoking grass under the bleachers, but hey, at least she's not luring anyone to their death! She tells the boys not to come, but Dean is desperate for a break, and so the boys are back on the highway to Hell, more like Jody's personal hell. As you can guess, Jody really does need the boys' help, as her and Donna's investigation is leaving them with nothing but a skinned body from neck to thigh, and a missing belt that the victim might have needed in order to hold up his baggy pants that make him look like Bagging Sagging Barry from All That. I'll never see the appeal of wearing your pants so low you can see things that may leave you scarred for life. Looks like we have a flesh-eating monster who's the equivalent to the Devil Wears Prada... and as it turns out, this person likes to hang out in dumpsters, for reasons that are unknown to us, along with another man who later becomes a meal for this monster. Jody and Donna try talking to Cuse (who kinda looks like an older Xander from Buffy). He doesn't tell them much, which is meddling the unhelpful. As soon as Donna needs a moment alone after seeing Doug dancing with Goodhill, Jody decides to confront Cuse one more time, and he lets the cat out of the bag about another murder. He asks Jody to keep it it to herself. The case is still confusing, even when the boys show up. The boys come into town to the song "The Weight" playing in the background, I had to make absolutely sure this was done for shock value,especially since this song has never actually been used on the show before, much less any other show out there.We all know that Jensen Ackles is a fan of the song in question. Sam and Dean decide to split up, FBI badges and all, and try to follow-up on the fairly suspicious Sheriff Cuse. Jody and Donna do their best try to put the murders behind them, with little-to-no-success. Jody gives Donna's ex-husband hell about his need to fat shame poor Donna. Donna tells Jody to back off about it, since she just lost her husband. The episode gives a flashback about everything that Jody has gone through. Hey Donna? You aint got s**t on Jody! Dean manages to get some leads on the case, right on Cuse's tail no less, and he loses even more ground when Donna shows up as he showing off his vampire fangs while he is standing over the pretty mangled body of Sheriff Goodhill. Donna tells Jody about what she saw, repairing their relationship, when our boy Sam manages to forget to answer his phone, both Jody and Donna go check on Cuse's room for themselves. Jody promises that she will in fact explain all of the random bottles of sunblock they find in the room, things come to an end just as the boys come in for the kill. Now that their cover has been completely blown, Jody begins to explain just exactly who the boys really are and what exactly it is that they're hunting. Thank God for small miracles, Donna comes across an address in Cuse's room, which leads to everyone heading to an abandoned farmhouse, which is right outside of town, which can only indicate danger. There, Dean turns into the Gordon Ramsey of machetes and gives everyone a knife, before they spot Cuse through the window. In one hot minute, he disappears and reappears two seconds later, telling all of them to run. It's too little, too late, however, as our boys are knocked out completely. We discover that the farmhouse is actually a vampire nest, being led by a chick named Lynn, a homeless girl that Jody met when she first came to the retreat. Lynn stands around flapping her gums about what all the vamps will do to each and everyone of them, who are currently tied up inside the house. Dean responds withe the unexpected yet completely perfect dig by saying: "All right Mufasa, enough with the circle of life crap." Lynn explains that Cuse actually ran away from the group, but they'll take him back if he eats someone. As predicted, he refuses, promising everyone that he's only on bagged blood now; he tries to explain that he found Goodhill dead. Lynn refuses to accept Cuse's decision and chops his head completely off. It turns out that she's the foolish type of bad guy who is fond of long speeches, and Jody, Sam and Dean keep egging her on to a very long diatribe while they free themselves. A struggle then ensues, and as Lynn tries her best to get at Jody, Donna shows up for her very first vampire kill, all while the Lion King reference comes around full circle. Donna actually said "Hakuna matata, lady," delivering one of the best lines ever heard mid-knife fight. It's safe to assume that the day is saved, if only for a brief moment. Jody makes an offer to help train Donna in the ways of hunting, which couldn't hurt as it appears that these sheriffs just can't seem to escape the supernatural even if they tried. Sam and Dean have a nice little chat, and for the first time, Dean says that he didn't feel like the mark was making him want to kill. He is finally starting to feel like himself again, HOORAY!!! Sadly, with the mark's presence still floating around, and with Crowley having to deal with all his Mommy issues in the bowels of hell, there's a pretty solid chance that our beloved Dean will once again have to struggle just a tad bit longer before he's completely and utterly free of the mark's power. That concludes this week's recap of Supernatural. Stay tuned for next week's mid-season finale, because it looks like s**t is seriously about to hit the fan. Remember to always do as Dean does and stay classy!

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