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Brush Up On Your Political Acumen For New Hampshire's Presidential Primary

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

02/11/2016 9:55 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Brush Up On Your Political Acumen For New Hampshire's Presidential Primary | Primary
Media Courtesy of PopWrapped/Michelle Dawson

PrimaryAll eyes are on New Hampshire today, as the state's residents shuffle to their designated voting booths to do their part and contribute to this year's presidential primary.

The race has changed quite a bit since our last infographic was released, below are the candidates as they stand now:


Jeb Bush

Ben Carson

Ted Cruz

Donald Trump

Marco Rubio

John Kasich

Chris Christie

Carly Fiorina


Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton

Trying to educate and inform yourself on the issues can be a daunting task, especially when one party has as many candidates at the Republicans do. That is why we decided to research each candidate and compile all of the pertinent information into one easy-to-read infographic.

In the interest of space and efficiency, only the top five-polling Republican candidates have been included on the graphic. However, after tonight's primary results, we may be doing some serious shuffling.

Right now, it looks as John Kasich is making a very strong showing in New Hampshire, and he was not even included in the first round of research. That shows you how quickly these scenarios can change.

Another surprising turn is the success Bernie Sanders is finding in New Hampshire. While Hillary Clinton claimed herself the winner in the Iowa caucus (I am disinclined to stake anything on the results of several coin tosses), the race was too close to really call anything definitive. Instead of spending time in New Hampshire, though, Clinton has moved onto Michigan. It's possible she has already conceded New Hampshire's victory to Sanders.

While there is still a very, very long road ahead for these presidential hopefuls, it's clear that time is winding down, as contenders keep pulling out of the race. Pretty soon, we'll be down to two names, and the infographic will go into much more detail.

For now, please use and share this handy tool. It breaks down the important issues we as Americans face and care about, as well as a broad outline of the stances of each candidate.


PopWrapped/Michelle Dawson


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