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Bryarly Gives PopWrapped A Peek At Her Musical Style In An Exclusive Interview

Lorraine Levis | PopWrapped Author

Lorraine Levis

03/11/2015 4:55 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Bryarly Gives PopWrapped A Peek At Her Musical Style In An Exclusive Interview | Bryarly
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  With the release of her debut album, we at PopWrapped got the chance to have a chat with the lovely Bryarly! She found her love of music before she even turned 10, and has been working as a musician since she was 15!  She holds a degree in music composition, so it’s no wonder we love the album so much! Many will know her from her super successful YouTube career but just listen to her music and it’s easy to see where her heart lies. To find out more check out her website! A complete list of her upcoming shows can be found here. You can buy the album on iTunes and Amazon.
  1. Did you have a message you wanted to come across in your album?

I really wanted to make a declaration of the kind of person I want to be and the kind of work I want to do. It's about honesty and capability; it demands notice. At least, I hope so!
  1. Who inspired you to start in the music industry?

It's hard for me to say, because I've been singing longer than I can remember - the first time I did something professional in music, I was 15 and performing with the Capitol City Opera Company in Atlanta.
  1. What is your favourite part of performing? Where would be your dream location to tour?

My favorite part of performing is matching energy with an audience - when I'm with people who're catching what I'm giving off and returning it, there's no better feeling. I want to tour everywhere, but my dream venue is the Tabernacle in Atlanta! It's my hometown and one of my favorite venues of all time.
  1. Who would be your ideal duet?

I think it'd be a blast to perform with Ed Sheeran - he seems to have the same feel for folk and hip hop that I do, and I think our voices would go well together.
  1. It is obvious that you love to tell stories with your music and also through the videos for them; when and how did you start writing music?


I started writing when I was about 9 years old with parodies of popular songs. One of the first was "Baby, Now That I've Found You," by The Foundations. Original songs started about a year later, usually on the school bus or when I was home alone. It's always been a method of expression - I'm not great with emotions, but when I write I can figure mine out and express them.
  1. Why did you choose to go down the independent route with Patreon to fund your album instead of more traditional paths?

Traditional music is a really, really hard game - the more I looked at it, the more it seemed like it would demand a particular image or style from me, and I wanted to be in control of what I was doing.
  1. You have a great mix of styles on you album from folk to hip-hop and everything in between ( I personally thought that Trigger Warning could be a Bond song). What goes into your choice of style and if you could choose, what would be your

    favourite to perform?

Thank you so much! Part of it is that I just want to make music I'd like to listen to. My producer, Kush Mody, also did an incredible job - he really did a lot to give each song its own unique voice. My favorite song to perform is usually Oxygen, but I've written a new one called Breakers that's been a blast.
  1. What has been your most memorable moment in music so far?

It's hard to pinpoint! It was probably recording the album. It'd been such a long time coming, and then I was in the studio with hugely talented performers, working with people I'd wanted to work with for months. It was magic.
  1. Do you have a message or advice for your fans who want to go down the same route musically? 

It's so kitschy, but you absolutely have to believe in yourself. There are going to be things you have to give up to do what you want to do - and it's almost never easy. That being said, if you hold on and work hard, striving always to be better, you're going to get there eventually.



Finally, what are your hopes and fears for the future?


I hope that my music will get a broad enough listening base that I can start touring and make more albums and videos - I fear that the things I want will be too expensive to accomplish, and that it'll take me longer than I'd prefer!

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