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Music PopWrapped | Music

Bryson Green Offers His First Of 52 Songs

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

05/14/2016 7:25 am
PopWrapped | Music
Bryson Green Offers His First Of 52 Songs | Bryson Green
Media Courtesy of Facebook

Ambition is no stranger to most artists, and for Bryson Green he is no exception. Choosing to release a new song every week for the next 52 weeks is going to be quite the journey, let’s hope that he is prepared for a marathon and not a sprint.

The first single titled “I Know It” off of the album Go Green: The Seasons, is an interesting, albeit, a bit strange of a musical creature. On one hand the song sounds as soft and pleasant as something Enya would put out, but with vocals saturated with unnecessary effects. The track itself sounds large and spacious, but the lyrics feel a bit trapped and repetitious, as if there was more love put into the songs production than the accompanying vocal and lyrical line.

After hearing the song a few times in a row it becomes clear that this is simply the opening and welcoming track into a larger project, and for that reason it gets a pass when it comes to serious criticism. The song is layers upon layers of sounds, vocals, instruments, and whatever else I am hearing deep within the bowels of the song.

The most perplexing part of this song is the genre box that it defies openly, one cannot tell if this is new age alternative, if this is R&B on some level, or if this is to be classified under “creative sound engineering”. I assume that this is intended to feel like a worldly sounding song, and on that level this is a success. Another assumption is that this is also intended to be inspirational, which on some level, and to some listeners, this no doubt will be; but to me, it is a bit of a strange pill to swallow, musically speaking.

I will say this, any artist that shows the capabilities that Bryson Green does, along with the sort of ambition that challenges a creative mind to release this many songs in succession, will gain some of my respect on that basis alone, and for this reason I will be looking forward to the next track to be released, and hopefully it will lean less on the vocal effects next time around.

Bryson Green can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and his official site.


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