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I Am Cait: 01x03 The Road Trip: Part 2

Chantal Johnson | PopWrapped Author

Chantal Johnson

08/11/2015 7:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
I Am Cait: 01x03 The Road Trip: Part 2 | cait
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The latest episode of I Am Cait is equal parts heartwarming and entertaining. The episode begins with the continuation of a crucial, eye-opening conversation that Caitlyn has been invited to by the Human Rights Campaign. At their local office in San Francisco, Caitlyn sits down with a diverse lot of trans women and activists, and gets the shock of a lifetime. In the last episode, we caught a glimpse of the discussion where Caitlyn is called out for her privilege, and the beginning of the episode is an expansion of that.

We hear from Blossom Brown in this episode, a trans woman of color who has been knocked down by life, but refuses to give up. Blossom is an aspiring nurse student and HRC activist who has been continually denied acceptance to the Nursing School of her dreams. She works hard and but is frustrated with only being seen by her exterior and not who she is inside. Luckily, Blossom refuses to give up. She vows to keep going and says “I’m gonna get it." Blossom inspires the entire room, but Caitlyn in particular. In a meeting post the HRC discussion, Caitlyn emotionally declares that not only will she help Blossom meet one of her icons, Ellen DeGeneres, but that she’ll be helping with Blossom’s admission to nursing school and the tuition.

We can see that Caitlyn and the group of trans women she’s gotten the chance to know are impacting her life in a special way. She’s been putting herself out of her own comfort zone ever since her public transition, but especially in visiting the Human Rights Campaign and opening herself up to the stories within her community. However, in this episode, we see Caitlyn give her new friends the opportunity to do something daring by going…dirt bike riding!

“Trans women feel that they have to uphold a certain standard of femininity,” says Zackary Drucker, one of Caitlyn’s friends. The women all try their hand at the dirt bikes, smashing those expectations. The adventure was a chance for each of the women to let loose and feel empowered to do something that challenged them.

Caitlyn and her friends have tons of other fun moments during the episode like rollerblading, wine tasting, and swimming in the pool. Where Caitlyn showed apprehension in the last episode about wearing her bathing suit in public, she took the plunge this time. She walks out to the pool in a white one-shouldered one piece and is met with tons of positive affirmations and applause. “It all feels very freeing,” she comments.

Of course, there are tense moments that are placed among the episode. One being at dinner with Caitlyn and her girlfriends, and the subject of dating comes up. “Who’s more attracted to men?” the question is asked, and Caitlyn is seen with her hand half-up, half-down, as if she’s mulling it over in her head. She’s never been with a man, and “appreciates the male form,” and also believes that she’d “feel more feminine with a guy.” This statement was received with mixed reviews, and her friend Jenny Boylan admits to being attracted to women before and after her transition.

“I’m not less of a woman because I’m into women,” Jenny says, debunking myths about femininity and sexuality.

Chandi Moore joins the episode again and states that “gender is much more than male and female.” She goes on to say that she looks for someone who she can chill with and who’s a nice person, not necessarily gender.

Because Caitlyn has been having an incredible euphoric journey so far, she seems to struggle with balancing her old friends with the new. Ronda, her best friend and personal assistant struggles in this episode to be there for Caitlyn, but also speak up for herself. “How do I compete?” she questions vulnerably in terms of Caitlyn’s new friends. Ronda eventually opens up to Jenny Boylan, who then relays to Caitlyn that she is living in the “Pink Cloud.” She doesn’t want Caitlyn to forget those who supported her throughout her entire journey. In the end, Ronda confronts Caitlyn, who apologizes for making Ronda feel that way. It’s clear that Caitlyn is enjoying this time finally as herself, but might have to be more conscious about whether she’s hurting the people she loves.

In this episode, we also see Caitlyn’s reservations about appearing at the ESPYs in 5 weeks—as of filming—especially that her whole family is going to be there. “I just want them to be proud of their daddy.” While Caitlyn’s journey during this episode has been accepting and acknowledging her privilege, she is still struggling in her own way. But with the support of her new girl gang and family members by her side, she will hopefully continue to grow, learn, and be a voice for the trans community. One of her last remarks in the hour was “my voice is the last thing I’m worried about now…it’s about the words that come out, not the tone.”

The next episode teased us with more of Caitlyn hanging out with friend Candice Cayne, Kim’s reaction to the Vanity Fair interview, and a much anticipated conversation with Khloe. We’ll be here next week with another recap! Make sure to catch I Am Cait, Sundays on E!, 8PM EST


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