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I Am Cait: 01x08, The New Beginning

Chantal Johnson | PopWrapped Author

Chantal Johnson

09/15/2015 7:07 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
I Am Cait: 01x08, The New Beginning | Cait
Media Courtesy of E! Online

It’s the episode that celebrated New Beginnings. In the season finale of I Am Cait, we looked back on transitional moments in Cait’s “new" life and celebrated her official name change. This season has been filled with ups and downs, happy times, and tons of learning experiences. Caitlyn has given us an inside look into her world, and it's time to see what's next for her.

Despite a rough talk that piqued emotions between the two, Kris Jenner and Caitlyn want to make an effort to “move on.” Their hostility had grown over Cait's comments in her Vanity Fair interview, but the bad blood seemed to diffuse after their conversation. "Does this mean we get to hang out now?" Cait jokes with Kris. The two end up taking a selfie together, which hints at a possibility of happier days for the former couple.

Most of the episode is dedicated to Cait’s Renaming Ceremony, and her friends have all come together to make it special for her. Jenny Boylan brings in Minister Allyson Robinson, a woman who promotes faith and Christianity within the trans community. Caitlyn would like her to officiate her ceremony but has questions about being trans and believing in God. “How do you justify transitioning?” Caitlyn asks, a Christian herself. Minister Robinson sees it as an interpretation of text and believes that certain passages are time sensitive and part of a culture that isn’t the same as today. “My faith is deepened by the challenges we face…I wear it as a badge of honor,” Robinson says.

More details of Caitlyn’s ceremony fall into place as the episode goes on. Candis Cayne, Cait’s beloved friend, plans to sing with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles in dedication to Caitlyn. As another surprise, she gets Boy George to sing a song with them, and her nerves rack up as she thinks about singing in front of one of her idols. There’s also a sweet moment where Boy George meets Cait and her friends, who gush over how much he’s inspired them.

Cait’s Renaming Ceremony finally comes to fruition in a special way. With all participants dressed in white, they’re all there to celebrate Cait in some way. We hear from Chandi Moore, Jenny Boylan, and Candis Cayne, who all marvel over their friend Cait, whilst we get a flashback of the season’s best moments. The performances by Candis, Boy George, and the Gay Men’s Chorus of LA are personal and touching—the perfect touch to an already moving occasion. And finally, when asked by Minister Robinson what she wants to be called, she answers with what it seems like a sense of pride and longing: "Caitlyn Marie Jenner.”

While this season of I Am Cait has come to a close, it’s clear that this is just the beginning for Cait herself. What was your favorite moment of I Am Cait ? Are you hoping for a second season? Let us know what you learned this summer in the comments below. You can speed through all of our recaps here!


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