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Television PopWrapped | Television

Caitlyn Jenner's I Am Cait Premiere: 5 Must See Moments

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

07/30/2015 11:25 am
PopWrapped | Television
Caitlyn Jenner's I Am Cait Premiere: 5 Must See Moments | Caitlyn Jenner
Media Courtesy of E! Online

Caitlyn Jenner is an incredible person, and last night's premiere of docu-series I Am Cait  was a real eye opener.

The world got a closer glimpse into the world of Caitlyn Jenner last night during the premiere, and yours truly felt there was a need to discuss certain moments.

This isn't your typical reality show that seems filled with scripted moments, but rather a show that is going to attempt to show you the real struggle that Caitlyn is enduring. However, it's not just about Caitlyn's journey.

One of the heartbreaking, but must see moments, during the premiere was the sit down conversation that Caitlyn and her mother Esther had.

Esther made no secret that she's struggling with Caitlyn's transition, and on multiple occasions would still be referring to her as "Bruce." Esther was very emotional, recalling days when "Bruce" was a child and she never felt like she could help with whatever it was that "he" was going through.

Caitlyn would eventually bring in a professional to help explain the process to Esther and reminded her that pronouns are crucial in helping the individual transition properly.

The tearful final conversation in the premiere would see Esther crying, saying that she loves "Bruce" with all her heart, but of course loves Caitlyn the same.

In another touching moment, which was revealed as a teaser before the premiere, was Caitlyn's daughter Kylie Jenner arriving and "meeting" Caitlyn for the first time.

The bond between the two of them is clear, and Kylie's reaction was very touching. In a rather funny, but real moment, Esther is seen gifting her granddaughter a photo of her at Kylie's age. Caitlyn reminds her daughter that her grandmother was actually married at 17-years-old, and when Kylie cracks a joke "kind of like me", Caitlyn's reaction was hilarious. Kylie was obviously referring to her relationship with rapper Tyga.

There was another meeting that made our must see moments, and that was when Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West arrived.

Yours truly has never been a fan of Kanye, as the media has portrayed him in a rather unfavorable light. What we have learned over the last few months, however, is that it was Kim who wasn't as receptive to Caitlyn's journey, and it took words from her husband to make her come around.

Kanye's attitude towards Caitlyn and her mother Esther during the meeting was a beautiful moment that shed a light on a different side of West that not a lot of people have seen.

The episode didn't shy away when it came to dealing with the issues that Caitlyn is determined to fix, as well. In speaking out about the deaths in the transgender community, this must see moment broke my heart.

Caitlyn was speaking solo, and revealed that there was a moment when she could have ended it all and ended the pain. She explained that she would be alone in her house, with her gun, and knew she could simply make the pain stop. This devastating truth only cements what we've all come to understand within the community:

Acceptance is KEY.

Nobody is asking you to fully understand what a transgender individual is going through, but they're asking for your love and support. Caitlyn is bravely opening up this chapter in her life for the entire world to see and it's a marvel to witness.

Finally, in the closing moments of the episode, Caitlyn was invited to meet the family of a young transgender youth who took their own life. Listening to the family explain the heartbreak to Caitlyn, followed by meeting with friends and more family, was incredibly touching. This pivotal scene in the episode was Caitlyn rallying around the friends and family, and declaring "we're all beautiful."

This season of I Am Cait is going to be a roller-coaster of emotions, and yours truly is here for the entire ride.

Caitlyn Jenner is changing the world's perception of what it means to be transgender, and it's going to be an extraordinary journey to watch.


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