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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Callie Finds A New "House and Home" On The Fosters

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/21/2014 8:44 am
PopWrapped | Television
Callie Finds A New

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer

We start of back where we were first introduced to Callie, in juvy. Things still aren't going well for the girl, but she still insists that she wants to live on her own. While speaking with her P.O. (Probation Officer), she makes it clear for Jude to be adopted, but for her to go elsewhere. Back at the house, Stef tells the family over dinner that she will be going back to work. Mariana is worried at her mom’s dangerous profession, but is assured that Stef will be fine. Jude interrupts the chat about other dangerous jobs when he asks when Callie is coming back. Stef’s mom was right last week, Jude doesn't hold back! It is explained that Callie doesn’t want the Fosters to be at her court hearing. Jude is worried that they don’t want her, but is told Callie doesn’t want them. Brandon finally drops the bombshell on everyone, Callie left because they kissed. I was so glad they got this out of the way in the opening part of the episode, as it dragged the show down last week, and now the cat’s out of the bag, the show can move onwards. Stef is furious, which of course she was gonna be. Brandon proclaims he “can’t help how he feels”. He runs in to the twins upstairs and, surprisingly, they are just as mad as Stef. He pulls the “can’t help it” card again and tells Mariana she wouldn’t understand as she’s never had a boyfriend. Ouch! Second week in a row someone drops that on the girl. It’s not like she doesn't know she has no boyfriend, but her best friend and brother use it against her in an argument. Stef and Lena talk about what they’re gonna do, when Jude walks in and they talk it over with him. In court the next day, Stef and Lena are there to make sure Callie will stay in a good place, but to make it clear they can’t have her back at this time. At school, Mariana meets a senior Chase, who Mariana is instantly attracted to. At the meeting for the play after school we see that Chase has basically woo-ed every girl there to help out. Zac, a freshman who is also helping Zach, tries to befriend Mariana but is kind of ignored by her as all eyes are center stage on Chase. Callie arrives at her group home, and we finally see Rosie O’Donnell on screen who plays Rita, a women in charge of the house. We see Callie’s first group session at the house. I’m already liking this new group home storyline. It sucks for Callie, but it means we get to see others issues explored like Cole, who lives there and is female-to-male transgender. Mike is being more involved with the family. He has been playing basketball with Jesus, but it doesn't last long, as Jesus ends up nearly passing out due to the medication he takes for his ADD. As a way to get to see Jude, Callie opens up a bit too much and reveals that she kissed her foster brother. This came as a shock to even Rita, as Stef and Lena wouldn’t have wanted anyone knowing. Unfortunately things don’t go well for Callie as she gets into an altercation with Cole, and it turns out she won’t be seeing Jude because of it. This massively disappoints Jude, as he was already dressed up in a suit and ready to see his sister for the first time in what must feel like forever for him. The episode begins to wrap up as Jesus joins the wrestling team as a new way to get rid of his energy, and Mariana further tries in impress Chase. Brandon, who had broken up with Talya earlier, shows up at the group home and Callie runs out onto the street and hugs him. Everyone from the house watches on, but I only feel Brandon has made things worse.


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