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Television PopWrapped | Television

Can Castle Get A "Once Upon A Time In The West?"

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

11/19/2014 2:43 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Can Castle Get A
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It’s a fairy tale of a different kind for Castle and Beckett as they attempt to have a Once upon a Time in the west. With added murder. For good value. So the episode begins with a young woman named Whitney, who is seizing on a table and her final words echo through the episode: “diamond ranch.” On the other side of things, Castle and Beckett gather Lanie, Esposito and Ryan to inform them that they eloped in the Hamptons. And the gang are not best pleased. Lanie wants Beckett to take her out for dinner with all the trimmings, but the guys are less malleable. Beckett gets a call about the murder and Ryan quips “We didn’t get that call. We must not have been invited that that either.” I just love sassy Ryan. At the hospital, Castle and Beckett (delighting in the fact they are able to call each other “Mrs. Castle and Mr. Beckett) discover that Beckett has no vacation days left because she spent them looking for Rick. When it turns out the victim was at a dude ranch, named Diamond Back, in Arizona and that the Sherriff won’t investigate, Castle gets a notion and a hankering for the ol’ west. Beckett is adamant that this is not their Honeymoon. Castle is like a big kid and this is like a dream come true...aside from the murder. Captain Mal would be proud. So Castle and Beckett take a trip to the old west, where they meet the head of the ranch—who Castle declares he wants to be when he grows up, to which Beckett accurately replies “if you grow up—and they ask to be bunked in the victim’s room, under the guise of being honeymooners looking for authenticity. The room is a mess, but they do meet a naked cowboy in their bathroom who has the skinny on the victim and how she left the ranch last minute upset and went back to New York. He says that Whitney was having an affair with a married dude rancher, but it turns out she was just trying to seduce him and stole his keys for the stock room—For dynamite. Methinks this episode might end with a bang...heh heh. Whitney had taken a trip to the Yavapai reservation near the ranch, and asked them if there were double meanings to their words. One can mean both river and stream. It turns out Whitney was after the gold her biological father searched for, which was buried by local bandits in the actual old west, and people had searched by the river but not the stream. Castle and Beckett search for the gold—because of course they do, it’s gold—and discover the bars and a body. Whitney’s biological dad. No wonder she was upset. Initially the clues lead back to Whitney’s adopted dad, who worked with her biological dad, but in the end the head of the dude ranch is our murderer. He and Castle have a stand-off, but in the end, Beckett’s hands are the fastest in the west and he is arrested for murder by the Sherriff who finally gets a clue. And Ryan and Esposito give Beckett the best gift she could have wished for: 2 more vacation days each for her to enjoy a honeymoon...under the promise that they’ll actually go on an island getaway, too. It was hilarious and adorable all around. What did you think Castle fans? Isn’t it great to see the happy couple happy? And can someone please make a gif of Castle trying and failing to make it through those saloon doors? Please and thank you. Until next time, Popwrappers.

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