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Technology / Science PopWrapped | Technology

Cancer Hunting 'Nano-Robots' Are Designed To Ruin A Tumor's Day

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

09/04/2014 9:40 pm
PopWrapped | Technology
Cancer Hunting 'Nano-Robots' Are Designed To Ruin A Tumor's Day | nano-robots
Media Courtesy of TurboSquid
Ah, science. It can be used to tell us super important and relevant things through physics (like how long it would take for a pregnant-yet-somehow-menstruating velociraptor thrown off a cliff at a 45 degree angle at high noon to hit the ground), math (like how many pounds of demonic baby flesh said velociraptor mom needs to provide for her unborn satanic Velocibabies) and biology (how it's possible for VelociMom to be pregnant and menstruating at the same time). Our friends over at I F*cking Love Science dedicate their time to finding out these super important scientific mumbo jumbo things! In case it wasn't obvious, they fucking love science, and I do too. (Note: they're not my friends. Probably because they don't know I exist. *dramatic and tearful, over-exaggerated sob*) Excuse me as I put on Glasses of Scientific Importance for this next part.... This is Señor Sharmake, certified Sc.D in Scientific Knowingness (aka I watched a whole episode of The Magic School Bus once), here to talk to you about the awesomeness Science-sama has in store for us this week. Essentially, we're pretty much all educated enough to know that if "Cancer = bad", then "Kill cancer = good". So how does one go about killing cancer without poisoning one's self to toxic levels, a la chemo-radiation therapy? Well, Science has just answered that for you: nanotechnology. To travel within one's own body at a the size of a billionth of a metre and selectively destroy malignant cells and tissues...sounds fantastical, isn't it? Science says "fuck that", and has pushed the barrier of ignorance as to what's possible just a little bit further once more. A new organic particle, dubbed "nanoporphyrin" can do amazing things. Amazing, wonderful, witchcraft-like and sorcerous things. But the most important thing it can do? Hunt down cancerous cell masses and eradicate them. The small size allows it to easily be swallowed by cells and build up within them, where two things can then happen: on a molecular level, it can help in diagnoses by improving the contrast of tumour tissue; on the micelle level, the nanoporphyrin can be super-charged with anti-tumour drugs/medicine to mercilessly murder the malignant mass (points for added alliteration! If only I was playing Scrabble...). When activated, it has the capability to generate enough heat to cook the tumour tissue. It can be weaponized (against cancer, calm down -- it's not going to start attacking functional cells...yet) while not harming the healthy cells that perform as designed. It has huge potential, and we here at I Fucking Love Science PopWrapped are excited to see where this goes. *takes off Glasses of Scientific Importance, once more becoming a layman* (please love me, IFLS. let's be frands.)

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