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Carmilla: 00x08, Blood, Where Art Thou? & 00x09, Trouble With Tinkerbell

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

11/18/2015 5:19 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 00x08, Blood, Where Art Thou? & 00x09, Trouble With Tinkerbell | Blood, Where Art Thou
Media Courtesy of Credit: Tumblr/Kotex

Carmilla has taken a strange turn in this past week in Season Zero. Let's go over what we've seen so far!

"Blood, Where Art Thou?" continues the 2012 gang's search for answers and Mel is trying to defend her actions at the swim party. Although she did have the intentions to go to the party to lure a Zeta away to tie him up to a tree in an outfit similar to Kirsch's during the Season 2 Adonis Hunt, she was just trying to prove herself to the Summers. Apparently, she is a Summer Society legacy (her mom and grandma were in the group), but currently doesn't fit the type because of her shyness and apprehension towards the regular dose of weirdness at Silas.  She does apologize to Kirsch about his current hairy situation, to which Kirsch remains the sweetest dude-bro to ever bro.

Some time goes by and the group wants to try to help Kirsch, but are currently limited to just being able to try to figure out the mystery behind the force that took away the periods and is causing animal-human hybrids. With Mel and Kirsch being deemed innocent, Perry is (YET AGAIN) prime suspect number one.

Carmilla suspects that the ginger is faking the lack of magical ability (I mean, faking innocence works for the Dean in Season 2), and that her strong desire about finding out about the mysterious forces in the universe makes her even more suspicious. As true to the rude roommate from hell we first met back in Season 1, the vampire decides to go through Perry's bag, which, naturally, the ginger hippie is not happy with. Before things can get weirder or awkwarder with Perry creepy bag swag, Carmilla gets a phone call from the Dean.

The Dean has been affected by the spell as well and is currently trapped in her office, with her feet slowly turning her to stone (similar to Winifred at the end of Hocus Pocus). The episode ends with Carmilla's justifiable fear that whatever is behind all this must be powerful if it doesn't even care that it's messing with the Dean.

"The Trouble With Tinkerbell" does not bode well for the future of our lovely group of dorks at Silas in the past. Mel points out that if the big bad Inquisitor is scared out of her leather boots at this unknown force, they REALLY need to find out what's going on and how to fix it.

Perry tries to be optimistic and points out that the good mystical things must also exist in the universe if these bad forces exist. She points out how she was so scared of losing Susan when they both first arrived at campus that she attempted a spell to prevent that from happening (Too bad LaF has lost their best friend to the Dean at the end of Season 2...) Carmilla ends the sentimental session, since they are all in serious danger of dying in their immediate future.

Mel strikes as the voice of reason (somehow suddenly getting more of a backbone) and tries to get Carmilla to stop brooding and help them sort through all the clues and information they currently have.

To sum up everything that has happened into one paragraph: Periods have been missing since Frosh Week, someone or something is turning the Zetas into animals, whoever or whatever is causing all this is possibly a HUGE enemy of the Dean, a demigod is possibly involved, and somehow blood and cycles are super significant to this big bad mystical force.

Giant spiders and vampires are ruled out as suspects. The group does realize that donkeys aren't uncommon in mythology (which, apparently, Shrek is considered mythology to Perry), when Mel recognizes the transfiguration of Kirsch is similar to the happenings in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Quick research shows that Titania was inspired by a fairy called Tythia, who is the queen of the Sidhe, Lady of the Blood Moon and Mother of Transformations. This fairy queen seems like a huge similarity to all the bad things occurring at 2012 Silas. Hippie Perry is all too thrilled at this idea of Tythia being a misunderstood mythical creature just trying to communicate. Mel helps Carmilla in bursting Perry's fantasy by pointing out that although the Fairy Queen is theoretically trapped in a bloodwood tree for eternity, the Queen getting loose and harnessing the power of the missing periods would end in the Fairies taking over the world and killing everyone in the process.

What a weird pair of episodes in Carmilla. We've only got THREE more episodes after this, Creampuffs. Conveniently, I've got three things shuffling around in my head until the next episode!

Carmilla's afraid. Like to the point of being similar to her fear of something happening to Laura in season one after the Dean body swap with our favorite tiny journalist. It's interesting to see her dynamic with other characters who she doesn't have some sort of strong bond with (ex. her relationship with Laura or Mattie), and I'm very curious to see where 2012 Carmilla goes from here.

Mel seems as though she's becoming more familiar to us as she takes charge of the situation. It's funny that even though in season two there were hardly any interactions between the future Summer Society leader and our resident useless vampire, they have a lot in common. They were both kind of stuck in a position they didn't want to be in, with Carmilla as Lophii sacrifice bait and Mel as a rejected Summer Society member,;both are just trying to please their families and got into situations they REALLY would rather have not been involved in--Carmilla's overall involvement in the Lophii scheme and Mel just being trapped while the periods are missing. I'm curious to see if we'll find out what exactly changed in this passive, nervous girl to make her into Summer Society approved material.

Lastly, just the general thought of WHY don't the characters reference what happened in 2012. I understand the straightforward answer of "because it wasn't written yet, duh" concep BUT, that smart answer aside, there has to be a reason why no one talks about this incident. There has to be some big twist that severely affects the humans involved that have them turn into the characters we are all familiar with today.

That's all for now, Creampuffs! The end is VERY near and there's still a whole lot of story left to be told. 'Til next time, be cautious around any human donkey hybrids.


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