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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Carmilla: 02x05, Something Wicked

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

06/18/2015 5:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x05, Something Wicked | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

Looks like things are getting more interesting as we finally meet the mysterious Mattie.

We immediately pick up with Perry recounting what happened to her to LaFontaine, Laura and Carmilla. Who or whatever attacked her is something clever enough to have attacked her after removing JP while putting Perry through an oddly intense dream. She dreamed of an empty table and after noticing something moving behind her, she found herself and the members of the Voice of Silas staff being attacked by crows before waking up.

Even though Carmilla points out that this is a warning that something will come after them, Laura refuses to quit after all they've been through. (Yes, they did defeat an evil vampire cult and got a demigod stuck in a crater, but I wouldn't just brush off a warning carved into my friend as something vague...)

After realizing that whatever happened to the members of the newspapers had to be because of something they discovered, the group, plus the return of JP as a whole, begin a new round of research.

Laura is a little disappointed at the amount of paperwork they'll have to go through while LaFontaine thinks it's the best part. (The amount of rage and anger a normal college student can experience doing research for a paper might say otherwise...) They agree that even though what they've found so far of editorials, features and the truth behind Pie Night Pies (based off their reactions is something gross) can be scanned so that JP can find some sort of pattern that might help them out (BONUS: JP can talk now in a pretty Jarvis-y way).

Perry seemingly reaches her breaking point after LaFontaine gets excited at the idea of retrieving test samples (not surprising at all). She voices her frustration at the group's light humor of their situation when she's seen firsthand the horrifying result of the Voice of Silas' staff actions, as well as been used as an ominous message board.

LaFontaine explains that they aren't belittling the situation and offers to take Perry to soak her blood-stained clothes in club soda, but Perry responds with her preference to burn them.

Once Laura and Carmilla are the only ones left in the room, Laura brings up her concerns about what Carmilla said last time they talked. Although Carmilla is obviously opposed to having this discussion, Laura holds her ground and tells Carmilla what a lot of fans already knew. Even though Carmilla saved the day with her incredible defeat of the Dean, Laura liked her long before that. Laura started falling for her that same night the group captured her before the whole hostage experience began.

The couple gives up on their research for the day after realizing they could enjoy some stargazing and expensive alcohol in the apartment's solarium, since the whole ambush kinda cut their plans short last time. We can insinuate whatever happened next after a few kisses and Laura's racing Carmilla to places unknown (I may have screamed loud enough to startle my cats).

We then get a new day, new outfits, and probably a new round of research for the visibly-happier couple. Carmilla disappears to probably get herself a cup of blood to start the day and a cup of cocoa for her girlfriend.

Laura reads a press release stating that for the first time since 1904 the Silas Board of Governors will be coming to campus in light of the recent events (which is a big deal since the board hasn't been assembled since half the campus burned down).

The episode ends with Laura being left alone with Matska Belmonde, chair of the board of governors as well as one of the children of the late Dean.

Matska, or Mattie, must be some powerful vampire if she was placed as chair of the board of governors. Carmilla probably won't be looking forward to this family reunion.


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