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Carmilla: 02x06, The Chair Of The Board

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

06/20/2015 2:29 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x06, The Chair Of The Board | Carmilla
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What an unexpected turn of events for this episode.

We immediately understand that Mattie is definitely a child of the Dean and is basically here to kill the pest that killed her mother, the Dean.

And just like we all expected, Carmilla saves the day! ... Just not in a single way anyone could have anticipated. 'Cause not only does Carmilla save Laura from a becoming a nice stain on the upholstery, she does so in a cat print bathrobe and stops the attack with a ... hug? (Laura's not the only one confused at the extremely different side of Carmilla we are now seeing.)

Apparently Mattie basically knows the Sparknotes version of what's gone on at Silas: Laura investigated missing girls, Carmilla fell for Laura, Laura got in danger with Dean, Dean was defeated by Carmilla, and now the campus is in trouble. Mattie is fully aware that Carmilla has some interest in Laura, but she needs to kill her because of the whole idea of avenging your slain parent (A lot like Inigo Montoya's quest to avenge his father, but a lot less sentiment...).

Although Carmilla points out that she was protecting her girlfriend and won't let Mattie touch her, Mattie points out that Carmilla is no match for her older sister. After an awkward standoff, Mattie begrudgingly agrees to hold off on attacking Laura since, apparently, Carmilla has a slight history of falling for the targets. (Who needs a heart anyway?)

The Board was well aware of the Lophii situation the school had in order to keep things safe, but with Mattie's stress of how Lophii isn't necessarily useless, but stuck, seems like this could be a potential problem or asset in the future.

Carmilla declines a chance to bond with her older sister (which apparently isn't uncommon because some shenanigans occurred in Saigon with the vampire ladies), Mattie realizes that she does have business to attend to with the Board and the whole school in mild chaos situation. It also looks like we can regularly expect Laura to have to work with Mattie, since Mattie is the Chair of the Board of Governors, as well as someone who wants to ensure that the "right message" is being put out there about Silas (Very 1894-esque method of tailoring the information to give a false image).

The last thing we get is Mattie warning Carmilla about stealing / selling anything because apparently the swish new digs, of course, belonged to the Dean before her death.

This episode just left me honestly speechless, because as much as I feel we should be concerned about Mattie, this allows us a new opportunity to see Carmilla in a completely new way. This is the first time since season 1, episode 35 that we really see Laura just in the background, begrudgingly taking in all the information that we need to know. It's also just interesting to get introduced to a character that Carmilla knows and equally cares for her, but at the same time it's gonna make things between Laura and Carmilla a little bit more interesting for the couple.

Anyone have any clue what else could possibly happen this season? Because all I know is that I'm excited for next week's adventures (or you know, bracing myself for the unknown...)


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