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Carmilla: 02x07, Arrangements for Living

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

06/26/2015 11:48 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x07, Arrangements for Living | Carmilla
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Before Carmilla, I used to think not a lot could happen in a four-minute video. This season has been constantly proving that belief wrong, and this episode is no exception.

Naturally, after the major truth bomb courtesy of Mattie from last episode, the group has the discussion about the fact that they're living in the Dean's old apartment. Laura's pretty distressed by this fact (reasonable concern about living in the former abode of the bad guy you defeated not too long ago) but Carmilla points out that the apartment was meant to be a temporary solution before the whole save the campus and solve the murders plan came into play.

LaFontaine and Perry come in shortly after because LaFontaine was concerned that someone was able to nonchalantly go through relatively heavy doors without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately for Laura, the surprise of Mattie's arrival and the fact that they are staying in the Dean's house only caught Laura off guard (LaF's golden observation skills strike again when the mention of chains in the freezer act as a dead giveaway to imply who could have lived there...)

Similarly to Laura, Mattie is also just on her own mission to just get her job as Chair of the Board of Governors done before going off to do her own thing again. Carmilla trusts her older sister and sees staying out of Mattie's way as a solid solution.

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Mattie joins Laura on the newest edition of SNN. Mattie's age and experience in her position of power shows as she holds her own and sits along side Laura to help "balance" the news. Laura is visibly surprised at the legitimacy of the Board's official viewpoint of the Voice of Silas murder is that despite the tragedy, the Board has nothing to hide with its intentions to do damage control from incidents from the previous semester (like the giant trapped demigod or the death of the evil Dean), and is trying to deal with the financial need due to a decrease in alumni donations (which is very plausible for any higher education institution).

The broadcast is pretty entertaining, with the clash of Laura trying to deliver the news while Mattie tries to give it a more appealing, less harsh spin. This understandably slowly irritates Laura throughout the news segment, as most journalists would see the issue of downplaying pretty significant issues (At the same time, Mattie isn't wrong when she points out that the sinkhole full of molten lava is pretty inconvenient for transit..)

Mattie seems to enjoy her time on the newscast, annoying Laura and slightly understands her younger sister's infatuation with the girl. After the newscast, Perry comes in with drinks of cocoa for Laura and (presumably) blood for Mattie. Mattie stops Perry, stating how Perry seems a bit familiar to her, which then results in a very unusual cold response from Perry about how they haven't.

The episode ends after a distant screeching is heard from off screen, which LaFontaine rushes in to explain that the library has disappeared.

So much happened this episode. Mattie is such an interesting character, who has completely changed the game through her various interactions with the other characters. The blaring question that I need an answer to ASAP is WHY did Perry (former floor don who usually is all about manners and normalcy) have such a strong reaction to Mattie? Just based off the last few seconds, I think figuring out which particular "she" is guilty of the library's disappearance. Part of me thinks that it was Mattie, due to a lack of reaction while the other considers this being the result of Lophii being stuck.

It's only been SEVEN episodes people! We've got a long way to go and I have no idea what to expect, but I'm excited to see where this season is gonna take us!


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