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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Carmilla: 02x09, Cutting Losses

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

07/02/2015 4:06 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x09, Cutting Losses | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Credit: Tumblr/dangerousdaydreamers

Well, it looks like some sort of plan is finally being put into motion for our heroes.

We immediately have Mattie pointing out that no matter how they saw the Dean last season, she managed to get the job done of keeping Silas under some sort of control. The bottom line is that the school needs money, the Board is stepping in to get those funds, and those who don't like it can leave.

After Mattie leaves, Carmilla explains that her sister's powers come from her older age as well as the actual power that comes from her position as Chair of the Board of Governors.

Even though everyone agrees they need to do something about the Board's plans to get rid of a significant amount of campus, there's no legitimate plan, since the group is stuck between Danny's plan of getting Mattie acquainted with the unpleasant end of a stake and Carmilla's threat of decapitation for anyone who wants to harm her sister.

Despite getting nowhere, the group does manage to have an adorable moment. The camera picked up while Danny was talking to Laura about something in the background, Kirsch talking to Mel about the idea of the Summer Society continuing with the Adonis Hunt no matter what the school said ('cause obviously that's what the frat boys have always done). The cute factor--other than the fact that Kirsch is willing to talk to the standoffish leader of the Summer Society? The big cute win is the fact that Kirsch offers to help be the security for the hunt because "Danny'd be into that." (Even if they're just bros or a couple, that's freaking adorable.)

Unfortunately, as I feared, things are still not okay for all the members of the group. LaFontaine and Perry rush in and plug in JP, who is obviously glitching and struggling to communicate clearly. LaFontaine explains that he's still connected to the library, and with the Silas Library in another dimension, things don't look too promising for JP. This causes a bigger rush for the group to get the answers they're looking for from Mattie.

After doing some research into the article that the Voice of Silas members were looking into before their murder, they discover that the Board was trying to sell parts of campus after the Dean's death (not suspicious) including the portion that is holding the stuck anglerfish god (obviously suspicious).

From this, the group comes to the conclusion that Mattie has a larger role than she has been claiming (which includes being the culprit behind the Voice of Silas murders), and they need her to talk somehow.

We end off with the group realizing that Mattie might not be willing to talk to them about anything, but she'd probably be okay with sitting down and sharing a glass of blood while talking with her sister.

Other than my growing suspicions that Perry also has a bigger role behind everything, the only major concern of mine is if Carmilla could lie or trick her sister. Regular siblings can read each other pretty well, so who knows how much better Mattie can read her younger sister being a super old and super-powerful vampire.

This episode was a calm before the storm for me. Who knows what kind of storm we're gonna get with the next episode?


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