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Carmilla: 02x17, The Great Debate Prep

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

07/30/2015 11:48 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x17, The Great Debate Prep | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Credit: Tumblr/superiady

So a new week of Carmilla is starting off strongly with "The Great Debate Prep."

We find out a little bit more from living encyclopedia JP about the actual details of Mattie's plans to sell 15% of the human students' bodies. Turns out the charter states that the students' torsos, particularly around the liver area, would be taken from the students and that any extra damage that may occur during the acquisition is the fault of the student (Danny's spot on, lawyers and clever contracts are an evil combination all on their own).

Laura's three options of fleeing, protesting or just providing flesh, but no blood, are all dead ends. Thanks to JP, they discover a loophole in the charter. The loophole states that the Chair of the Board of Governors can be removed if the rest of the Board members vote unanimously (which is highly unlikely) OR if the Chair is bested by another member in conflict.

Luckily for Baron Vordenberg, the conflict does not require physical combat (although in my opinion, the mental image of Mattie going up against Vordenberg would be hilarious...) so he DOES have a chance to win in a verbal debate.

Time for training from Danny and Laura to help the Baron win! The montage shows our tiny heroine looking slightly exasperated while Danny looks like she's either laughing or crying at the Baron's attempts to prepare for the debate.

Things look pretty good for the team...until the Baron starts talking. Despite being able to talk being a crucial part of a spoken debate, Vordenberg's problem is the fact that he cannot stay on topic or just doesn't know how to stop speaking. After convincing the elderly Board member to take a break, Danny and Laura are seemingly defeated. Carmilla is no help by being her usual snarky and brooding self in the corner, pointing out the low chances the group has of victory by Vordenberg.

Danny prevents Laura from attacking the vampire, who is obviously just trying to rile up the aspiring journalist before Perry rushes in with some major information. Thankfully, Perry hasn't been attacked (again) but whatever document she found may give the Baron a chance to actually win the debate.

Just a few things to consider from this episode. What's so significant about needing the liver area? Why does the Baron have a thing for Perry? (Which is funny but mildly concerning.) Carmilla and Laura are still not seeing eye to eye (about each other, about the situation, take your pick) and the return to their old snark and sarcasm relationship is amusing, but what has the vampire seemingly concerned in Thursday's preview? What on Earth has Perry found? Is it an expose? Is it another big story hidden in the Voice of Silas archives? But most of all, if the Baron somehow wins this debate, does this mean he gets the powers that come with the title of Chair of the Board?

So what is in the future for the students of Silas? Looks like whatever's going to happen in this debate is going to change the game.


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