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Carmilla: 02x25, Bluster & Consequences; 02x26, Concerned Parties

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

08/31/2015 4:44 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x25, Bluster & Consequences; 02x26, Concerned Parties | Bluster & Consequences
Media Courtesy of Credit: Tumblr

Well, it looks like the theme for this week in Carmilla was cliffhangers galore.

With "Bluster & Consequences," we picked up right away after the result of JP's LaF snack attack. The attack is received in a more comedic manner than in the past, like compared to the intense after effects of Perry's various attacks during this season. JP is sorry for attacking LaF, who is startled and disheveled, which the older vampires find entertaining.

Laura poorly recovers from faking that she doesn't know a way to kill Mattie by pointing out that they had to resort to drastic measures in order to try to get some advantage in knowing what Vordenberg is up to. Carmilla and Mattie disagree because Carmilla sides with Laura in trying to get the upper hand while the older vampire seems content to hide away until Vordenberg's plan passes over.

Mattie continues, explaining that during her undead life, she has never known a Vordenberg family member that has a plan. She also mentions how she can't tell what the Corvae Corporation is up to. All she was aware of is that if something were to happen to the Dean / their mother, she was to return to Styria to make sure the powerful corporation acquired the campus.

While Mattie admits to not knowing about the gates nonsense the anglerfish minions were blathering about, she does know that Lophii's blood can be used for mass hypnosis, blood plagues, spontaneous universal aging, contagious madness, and setting the atmosphere on fire (which goes from unpleasant to yikes very quickly...)

Although it won't be easy with Vordenberg's status and unnamed powers as Board Chair, Mattie has some obscure plan for the vampires to get past the patrols to get some unknown weapon. Laura's indignation at Mattie's dismissal of their involvement (since she sees the students as insignificant in the grand scheme of things) leads to Danny and the tiny journalist sitting disappointed in front of the camera some time later.

Danny agrees with Laura's unease with their only hope being Mattie, but acknowledges that they aren't exactly bursting with other options. Which leads to Laura realizing she needs to tell Danny something very important. But before we could find out exactly what, the episode cuts off with Laura turning off the camera for secrecy...which leads us to the weird madness of "Concerned Parties."

"Concerned Parties" starts off with a Vordenberg anti-vampire propaganda tidbit that plays while Mattie and Carmilla come out from under the floorboards and Laura sleeps on the couch (which is a lot like something out of 1984.) The vampire sisters seem to be planning something rather extremely dangerous that could either end well or in their second deaths, or third, if you're Carmilla.

Mattie seems peeved at her younger sibling's hesitance to go through with the plan. Carmilla doesn't want to lose her sense of self while Mattie just wants to take the chance to take down Vordenberg. Laura eventually wakes up during the sister's mini disagreement to inform them that no one, including Vordenberg, is getting hurt. Although Mattie points out that the Baron is just as bad as she was while Chair of the Board of Governors, Laura points out that she was never behind the idea of killing anyone for any reason.

Despite Mattie's mocking of Laura's pure idealistic, optimistic view of the world, the tiny journalist defends herself. She points out that this isn't the first nor the last time that someone has told her to give up, but somehow she has still managed to prove them wrong by still being around.

The oldest vampire dismisses her words and explains that Carmilla's fondness of Laura is the major factor of why she had survived so long, and eventually that safety from Carmilla will run out. Laura acknowledges this but points out that it's Carmilla's decision to protect or save or choose to fight (HUGE DEVELOPMENT), resulting in Carmilla deciding to side against her sister, who just walks out in disappointment to carry on with her plan.

Laura is concerned with Mattie's actions to leave before the patrols are over. Carmilla explains that Mattie intends to drink Lophi's blood to possibly gain power to defeat Vordenberg or risk insanity, or death, in the process. Our hero is less than pleased with the concept that Carmilla considered going through with the plan as well, but, ultimately, the vampire decided that she didn't want to be an even more powerful, yet significantly evil pawn.

To prevent Mattie's plan, Laura rounds up the rest of the group of Perry, LaFontaine, Danny, and JP to join her and Carmilla to try to stop Mattie from reaching the crater. The group intends to split up with Danny, LaFontaine and Laura trying above ground, JP and Carmilla coming from the secret passages while Perry stays behind in case the former chair returns to the apartment.

As everyone goes to leave, Perry stops Danny so they can talk about Laura briefly. Perry is unhappy that the group is risking their lives for a vampire that literally does not care about them, but Danny defends Laura's tendencies to want to do the best she can for the most people. Perry mentions the dangerous nature of the vampire and how Laura will get hurt by constantly taking these chances. Perry then emphasizes that when (NOT IF) Laura makes a huge mistake, she wants someone, namely Danny, to be there to protect her.

Our adventure this week ends with Danny pointing out that she'll always be there for Laura before leaving Perry to tidy up the apartment.

Only a couple of things to note from this particular episode set.

One of the lighter notes is the humorous aspect of the Vordenberg regular anti-vampire rants. Seriously, how much can this man love talking that it doesn't even phase anyone anymore, to the point that Laura can just sleep through it?

It's curious for those who follow Laura, Carmilla, and LaFontaine on twitter. In the last few weeks, we saw a heart-wrenching few tweets from the ex-couple, where Laura couldn't sleep in the bed and, instead, slept on the floor to be close to Carmilla. I wonder if Laura sleeping on the couch was because of concerns about patrols or just so she could be close to the vampire like in the tweets.

In the span of about ten episodes, we have seen Laura's character develop a little bit more significantly in this set. When Laura and Carmilla broke up, Laura seemed to be all about Carmilla doing things because it was right. Now this time, we got to see Laura point out that Laura's continued protection from the vampire was Carmilla's choice. It may have been a small moment, being overshadowed by the fact that Carmilla was not going to go with her sister, but it was significant to showing that Laura has been learning and growing since their breakup.

Lastly, I will again emphasize my belief that Perry is definitely up to something. Granted, I understand that her view on the supernatural being altered could have something to do with all the times she was attacked this season, her conversation with Danny was just so off to me. Yes, Laura's downfall could be her willingness to constantly take risks to save people, but Perry usually sees the better in people. The fact that she was so willing to bet that Laura will make a huge mistake AND wants Danny to be there to help Laura doesn't seem right.

Although her friends can underestimate her, I feel that Laura's friends have a good respect for their tiny journalist. The tail end of Perry's conversation with Danny just seemed to show Perry's lack of faith in Laura. With everything that has happened since Laura has started her vlog, I feel that her friends, especially Perry and LaFontaine, have seen how far she's come and that she doesn't need protection. If anything, right now I think people need to be protected from Perry's sketchy words.

Only ten more episodes remain in this season of Carmilla and I feel like the cliffhangers and trolling are far from over. Stay tuned, creampuffs!


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