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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Camilla: 02x27, Zones of Friendship, 02x28 Spilled Blood

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

09/06/2015 1:43 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Camilla: 02x27, Zones of Friendship, 02x28 Spilled Blood | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

Did you miss me Creampuffs? Have no fear, I'm back with a heck of a recap.

Since it's been a while, I'll briefly touch on last week's episodes before getting to the roller coaster of emotions this week's episodes brought on. So buckle up, we've got a lot to cover.

Bluster and Consequences showed us the humorous results of JP "LaF snack" attack. Although the group didn't need another reason to see how problematic starving a vampire could be, they need answers to try to get a better chance against Vordenberg. Mattie doesn't provide them any solid answers but does have a vague plan to get some sort of weapon that she has no interest in discussing any further. This pushes Laura to be concerned that their only source of hope is sketchy, which ends with the tiny journalist shutting off her camera to presumably tell Danny how to kill Mattie.

Concerned Parties followed along with some suspicious actions with Mattie trying to convince Carmilla to follow her plan. Carmilla was true to her title of "Wild Card" from the posters because the younger vampire is hesitant to follow her sister's lead in going to drink some of the blood of Lophii for a chance to get strong enough to defeat Vordenberg. Mattie isn't phased by her sister's hesitance and carries on with her plan to go to the crater, leaving the group to be concerned since the patrols were still going as well as the fact that Mattie could destroy the school as collateral damage if she was successful. After most of the group disperses, which consists of Carmilla and JP, Danny, LaFontaine and Laura with Perry holding down the fort, Perry stops Danny before the former Summer Society sister leaves to state her dislike of Laura's plan and how Danny should essentially be Laura's hero when things go south...which brings us to this week's adventures at Silas.

We start off the Zones of Friendship with the group having no luck in finding the twelve thousand year old vampire. Before Laura and Danny could try to figure out where Mattie could be, Kirsch enters with some news about the Lustig Crater. Before we can get any major details, the Zeta bro takes the time to ask Danny about the last time he was there with Theo (when he got Spartan kicked into the friendzone pit.) Danny, despite her initial concern at Kirsch's priorities, sets the record straight by telling him straight up that she only sees him as a friend, which results in the most concerning, yet entertaining reaction I've ever seen to being put in the friendzone.

After Kirsch handles being friendzoned better than anyone could have expected, he reveals that the Corvae Corporation men are in the crater building a device to kill the anglerfish demigod. Despite the Lophii problem being solved with the anglerfish's death, it'd be basically solving one problem while setting off many others as well.

The group is stuck with Danny's plan to gather the few Summer Society members that trust her and have the rest of the group sneak down to the crater to sabotage the machine after 3AM that night (because something good just ALWAYS happens after 3AM...) LaFontaine, Perry, Laura and Carmilla decide to kill time and try to sleep until their big plan...which we see doesn't actually happen because later Laura and Carmilla are in the middle of a riveting game of Senet.

After seeing the pair just enjoy each other's company like dorks with sarcasm, playful flirting and more of Laura improperly playing the game, Laura asks Carmilla if she thinks the plan would have gotten the vampire hurt. Carmilla's indifference and asking if Laura would have even cared sets off the tiny hero into an appalled, heart wrenching mini rant about how she still cares so much for her ex...which ends in a sudden, desperate kiss between the two.

Laura seems to be very conflicted after the kiss ends, mostly pointing out that she doesn't want to get false hopes and be unfair to either one of them with unrealistic dreams of change. Before LaFontaine returns to the room to start their plan, Laura and Carmilla agree to talk if they can survive everything (NOT COMFORTING)

We end off with Perry at the computer because of her opposition to the entire scheme. Despite her performing her go-to stress solutions of baking and cleaning, she is very disturbed because she found bloody footprints after she blacked out for a while. And if that wasn't concerning enough, Mattie appears out of nowhere, confirming the ginger's worries that something significant is about to go down.

Spilled Blood starts off with the group returning after the plan was busted (because Danny didn't show up...odd) to follow the bloody footprints to find Mattie passed out covered in blood in front of the camera. LaFontaine and JP rush to try to find Perry as Laura and Carmilla try to figure out what happened.

Laura and Carmilla make no progress with Mattie (who has no recollection of how she ended up there) by the time LaFontaine returns and needs to be held back by Carmilla to prevent the mad scientist from attacking. Mattie cites her age and experience as a vampire as a defense of why she probably didn't hurt Perry, she believes she's being set up but the group isn't exactly inclined to believe a literally red handed suspect in front of them. Luckily, thanks to the group's inability to ever remember to turn off the camera, they are able to consult footage from the night before.

The footage picks up where Zones of Friendship left off with Perry and Mattie in a sort of stand off. Despite Mattie being unsure if she should kill Perry, she confirms most people's assumptions that something has indeed been off about Perry. When the vampire accuses the ginger of withholding important information and the uncanny chance that she was spared to be a messenger, something seems to snap in Perry.

Something definitely seems to go off in Perry, who then describes apocalyptic imagery in her dreams, along with Lophii's death and gates being opened. She keeps repeating how the first gate wants the Rook, which the mention of the rook seems to really startle Mattie. Mattie demands that Perry stop playing around, which results in a VERY obvious personality and voice change before the feed cuts out.

Mattie seems genuinely scared and concerned at the footage and states how things are even worse than they seem. Carmilla is angrily concerned at what she saw, mostly because Perry was making a death prophecy as well as the fact that her older sibling cannot remember what happened to Perry. Could things get worse? Of course they can, it's getting to that part of the season where things can and will go wrong, like Danny and Kirsch escorting Vordenberg into the room full of vampires.

Vordenberg is obviously smug that he's getting the elusive vampires, but also throws in a guilt trip to Laura for her involvement being a reason that people are in danger on campus. The episode ends with the reveal that Danny turned them in because Mattie supposedly killed the 8 Summer Society Sisters that were supposed to help them out with the plan (which explains Danny's failure to appear.)

A ton of curveballs were thrown our way with this batch of episodes. Just a few things to consider as we begin to get closer and closer to the final stretch of Carmilla season 2.

First, even though Spilled Blood showed LaFontaine strength (I mean they were totally going to take on a vampire if it wasn't for Carmilla holding them back) the small comments of recent episodes is concerning. LaF's involvement with almost being fish food last season seems to have residual effects, causing slight concern with if the mad scientist will be okay if something were to happen to Lophii.

Things do not look good for Mattie but I do believe that the older vampire was set up. The footage of her conversation with Perry showed that she was not as bloodied up as we see her when she first wakes up. If she had killed the Summer Society members by this time, wouldn't she be bloody? Also she has mentioned how she is a well seasoned vampire, so ripping out people's throats seems messy and illogical for an experienced killer such as an old vampire.

The theory that Perry is possessed by the Dean seems pretty solid now. Annie Briggs' ability to throw the switch from being afraid to making me afraid was incredible. The reference to calling Mattie a rook is definitely only something the Dean would know. Also that voice was very similar to when Laura was possessed last season as well.

Last but not least, Danny's betrayal. It's curious to see how her actions have shown such a strong contrast to other characters, especially the vampires. If Laura truly revealed how to kill the vampire, couldn't she have theoretically just taken on the vampire herself? This shows how Danny shares Laura's sense of justice, because instead of taking the easy solution, such as killing the offender, she sought justice. A major contrast that these actions show compare Danny to Carmilla. Danny's promo poster stated how she was the loyal sister while Carmilla is pretty loyal to her sister. The difference between the two is that only one of these two chose family over Laura.

There are only EIGHT episodes left this season and things do not seem to be going well at Silas. Stay tuned creampuffs.


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