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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Carmilla: 02x31, Siege Tactics & 02x32, Radio Talk

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

09/20/2015 6:07 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x31, Siege Tactics & 02x32, Radio Talk | siege tactics
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

Well creampuffs, last time I did say that I didn't know what to expect for the rest of this season of Carmilla... and I was right. So let's just break down what we saw this week.

"Siege Tactics" picks up right where we left off, with the group trying to make sense of their bearings after Carmilla's warning. Before the group can get too caught up in Laura's sad realizations about her actions, or LaFontaine's lack of tact, enter an unharmed and slightly confused Perry.

Perry only remembers being in the kitchen baking before waking up somewhere near the North Quad, meaning she remembers nothing about the conversation with Mattie and is very surprised to see the vampire dead on the carpet. Vordenberg has another weird radio announcement, describing his small victories in defeating the Anglerfish (RIP LOPHII) and discovering the vampire's hiding spot before going on to essentially declare war on the group who helped hide the Baron's enemies. Perry surprisingly sums up their current situation pretty well: they have zero defense against the Baron's forces and then decides that they should board up the apartment to give them a better chance.

While the others leave to do as the Ginger Den Mother says, Laura just sits down, pretty defeated. The tiny journalist feels that everything is her fault, from the Dean's death allowing the Anglerfish to rise to Mattie's death. Danny tries to offer the small girl some comfort by explaining that doing the right thing isn't always easy, especially when there are some repercussions for those actions. Perry ends the pep talk with a hammer and nails to get the two to work.

A little bit later, we see Laura alone in front of the camera, just trying to get her thoughts together. She addresses her changing view of what's right and wrong. She feels like a hypocrite because she was functioning with this black and white understanding of life and that all the "good" things she done had resulted in a mess.

Time goes on and we see that the group manages to withstand some attacks from the Baron's forces. After the attack has passed and Laura has just passed out in front of the camera, we see Perry enter the room with some creepy old books. Laura at first thinks Carmilla has returned (Oh my heart...) but then is confused to see Perry with the books for "research." Perry defends her actions by pointing out that the group has been losing to the Baron and she wants to use the Dean's books to give them a chance to survive. The episodes ends with a sad Laura and a concerned Perry looking out the window to see Carmilla in the process of mauling her way to the Anglerfish Crater for reasons unknown.

"Radio Letter" was definitely an interesting episode to say the least. It picks up with Danny and LaFontaine joining Laura and Perry in observing Carmilla's panther form trying to maul her way to the crater to possibly drink the anglerfish's blood. The Baron's forces seem to keep her at bay, but Carmilla's fierce determination will probably get her there eventually.

LaFontaine makes the joke that everyone is again uncertain if Laura is being protected by Carmilla (who might go after Vordenberg) or if she's in danger of Carmilla (who might go after the person who betrayed her, and is friends with the person who killed her only sister.) The mad scientist goes so far to describe Laura's recent inaction because of her emotional state of pining for Carmilla, which seems to make the tiny journalist realize what she's been doing.

Laura then returns to her old self... sort of. We're graced with a new SNN Broadcast with great little details to the SNN Under Siege edition (slight overcompensation but the addition of "Pine Free" and "Vordiemort" was great.)

She addresses her viewers about her recent behavior and basically points out that although she's well within reason about her recent emotions, she still has a job as the woman of the people. She continues to try to be the voice of Silas and informs everyone that Vordenberg has been lying. The Baron has arrested nonhuman students (RUDE), is trying to break into the building (which can be heard throughout the broadcast in the background) and is even chopping down trees in the process of hunting down Carmilla.

After the news segment ends, we see the familiar sight of Laura, LaFontaine and Perry in the middle of a new round of research for any information about Vordenberg, Corvae or the Seven Gates. LaFontaine suddenly has the idea to go through the meeting minutes from the last Board meeting in 1904. Somehow, Perry already has the book containing the minutes and we find out that the Board at the time consisted of the Dean, Mattie, Vordenberg's Father (HOW OLD IS THIS MAN), the creepy Hasturmenchen as well as the equally concerning and possibly psychic Owl Lady.

1904 consisted of students noticing the missing girls and rioting, which probably led to most of the campus burning down as everyone knows. Unfortunately, JP would be unable to help being that the campus was still using a paper system while the current vampire was still trapped as a consciousness in the library. Oddly enough, the minutes reveal that the Dean's previous plans included killing Lophii, but was turned down by the Board due to the risks of the idea.

Perry offers a pretty legitimate reasoning of the Dean's intentions of why she would be involved with the sacrifices would before LaFontaine adds that maybe Mattie's ownership of details in how to kill the other Board members stemmed from this disagreement with the Dean's plans in 1904. Right before the episode ends, Laura figures out that MAYBE in the Dean or Mattie's files, there is the information on how to FINALLY defeat Baron Vordenberg.

This week's episodes were not as intense as previous week's, which was equally nice and concerning. Only a handful of episodes remain and I still have no idea what else can possibly go on at Silas.

There's just a few things that kept bothering me after this week's pair of episodes and will probably bother me til next week:

Is Carmilla really going to the crater to drink Lophii's blood? I mean, yes, there is that behind the scenes photo of Carmilla having a bloodied face that showed she was feeding, but with the mauling of the recent episodes, that could also be the cause of that look. What if she actually triggers something with those gates? Since Lophii is dead, will the effects of the blood be different than with what we barely saw with Mattie?

What is Vordenberg doing with his army? These students might be a little bit stronger, but they are in serious danger if they continue to hunt Carmilla. We saw this week that the official Silas Twitter is full of Vordenberg nonsense, even mentioning how a Zeta was killed at the hands of Carmilla.

Was he really fighting Carmilla or did Vordenberg manage to flee while flinging some students in the path of the vampire hunting him? We saw with him running away from Mattie last week, not really caring about the students afterwards... some great warrior he is.

Laura has really come a long way. I know quite a few people might be unhappy with this week's pair of episodes, but "Siege Tactics" and "Radio Talks" were big in showing Laura's development. Most of that old Laura mentality of right and wrong has transitioned into shades of gray instead of black and white. It was also great to see that she hasn't given up, despite how sad her Tumblr seems to be lately. She's still trying to live up to that title of being a "woman of the people" but hopefully with a new perspective towards life and justice. Will this newer understanding result in Laura making a critical decision for the remaining episodes?

I'm still going to point out that I don't trust Perry one bit. I'm glad she's safe but it's pretty suspicious that she woke up in the North Quad, where the Summer Society sisters were found killed. She took the entire situation too calmly for my taste. Despite it being great that someone has their head on straight during all the chaos, it just seems uncanny that Perry is spearheading their efforts in staying alive. Her entire body language just seemed so suspicious at the end of "Radio Talk" and how in the world did she already know where to find the 1904 meeting minutes?

Lastly, I just feel like there's a major red herring here. Many viewers trust what we see on the camera or see on the canon transmedia. But what if there's something we're missing because we're just so caught up in everything else? Yeah, possessed Perry is pretty problematic and hard to argue against lately, but it just seems to easy to assume that to be the ultimate problem for the rest of the season. Like Laura, I think trying to avoid falling into the trap of thinking of things in black in white might help us better understand who or what is really behind everything.

Buckle up Creampuffs, we've got four episodes left and Lophii knows what else could possibly happen.


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