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Carmilla: 02x35, "Not Afraid", 02x36, "The Execution of Carmilla Karnstein"

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

10/03/2015 6:28 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x35,
Media Courtesy of After Ellen

This is the end of the road, Creampuffs. This week was an incredible end to an incredible season of Carmilla, and let's just get talking about the motherlode we've been given.

"Not Afraid" had me very afraid once it opened up with an injured Kirsch being hauled onto the chair by Danny, with some of Vordenberg's henchbros right behind them. Laura somehow manages to keep the army from crashing in (that Krav Maga paid off, it seems) while wishing that Carmilla had come to help them (...if only she knew). Danny points out that, although their situation is really bad, they can only try to save themselves at this point. She throws open the door to kick some serious butt. Kirsch tries to follow her but is seriously injured, having Laura offer to go out instead. Danny returns after somehow managing to keep the army at bay, even while fighting with some broken ribs. One of the worst clichés comes to life when that distinct noise fills the air and Danny struggles to breathe. She falls forward to reveal that she was stabbed in the back by none other than Theo. Turns out that Theo made a deal with Vordenberg that, in exchange for Danny's death, the Zetas would end up on the top of the food chain at a new university, free of monsters or Summer Society members. Despite being stabbed, Danny handles dying extremely well. She's a hero to the very end, making her last effort to comfort Laura by stating to her last breath that she isn't afraid to die. Laura is absolutely betrayed as she realizes her close friend just died in her arms because she was literally stabbed in the back by someone she trusted.

Theo remains unfazed as Mel comes rushing in looking for Danny. Mel is pissed that a strong person like Danny was killed in such a weak manner (a "tough" guy resorting to such measures to ensure victory is pathetic, honestly). Although Mel has every intention to avenge her fallen Summer sister, Laura stops her because Danny wouldn't want the Summers to die like that. Theo leaves after agreeing to let Mel take Danny's body to give it a proper funeral to seal Vordenberg's victory. Mel may not have been Danny's biggest fan, but, unlike Theo (who was unbelievably rude to Kirsch), she respects the brave warrior who was a part of her Summer Society family. Later, we cut to LaFontaine, Perry and JP rushing into the room to find a stoic Laura. The group seems pleased with whatever Perry has found, but Laura has truly given up. Vordenberg, of course, comes in right at the end, after gloating on the PA system about his victory and his plans to publicly kill the remaining board members and Carmilla. 16:07. The longest video in Carmilla history. That is what we were given to process for this final epic episode that was "The Execution of Carmilla Karnstein." The ego-driven nut job he is, Vordenberg didn't get the reaction he wanted from the group, so he brings forward a chained-up Carmilla to probably execute right in front of them. Laura barely reacts, seeming absolutely done with everything. Carmilla gets pissed at the dismissal by Laura because she got trapped when trying to help Laura, but all Laura does is throw Carmilla's "evil wins and life just sucks" (words from their last conversation) back at her because she's just done and gives up on fighting.

Vordenberg carries on with his plan, even having everyone listen to the shooting of the remaining Board of Governors members (a cop-out death, no wonder him and Theo had an understanding). Just like all horrendous villains with an ego, he takes a moment to gloat about his success that will come once he kills Carmilla. He takes his time to ready his sword -- Carmilla seems to have accepted her fate -- when Perry rushes over with the ancient looking paper that is apparently the Silas Charter. Perry tells Laura that if she destroys it, not only does she destroy Vordenberg, BUT she can save Carmilla.

Right before Vordenberg poises to decapitate our favorite vampire, Laura threatens to break the charter. After an initial shock that Laura has the document -- I think Carmilla was more surprised to be seeing that there was an attempt to save her -- the Baron assumes that Laura wouldn't do it because she's been a good person, and good people wouldn't kill someone and risk ruining everything the hero has worked for up to this point. His assumption that Laura wouldn't risk all her hard work for Carmilla led to his righteous end when the tiny hero breaks the charter before the Baron could bring the sword anywhere close to the vampire.

Everything in the old man seems to snap and break before he stumbles off screen, inhumanly screaming during his death. JP helps Carmilla out of her constraints while Perry, LaFontaine and Laura notice the incoming Corvae goons. While everyone else worries about an escape via secret passages, Perry sneaks out. Right before anyone leaves, LaFontaine notices their best friend is missing. JP volunteers to search for her while everyone else gets to safety. Laura seems to finally begin to realize what she's done, but Carmilla hurries the tiny journalist out by telling her that she could basically run now and regret later before they both go to follow LaFontaine down the tunnels. We later find Laura, LaFontaine and Carmilla somehow with Internet access in the library. Shockingly, Carmilla is trying to cheer everybody up in their new location. After LaFontaine gets over their initial confusion at the fact that the library has found the group, they break down because their favorite two people should be there but aren't. Although the vampire offers comfort through a future plan to find them, the group realizes they have no idea what to do now.

A day and a half goes by to find LaFontaine has set up a solid internet connection, which leads to Carmilla and Laura sitting in front of the camera. The pair has cleaned up significantly since the last time we saw them (this library is like the Room of Requirement, I'm convinced), and Carmilla is trying to cheer up Laura with mentions of how she's impressed with LaFontaine's genius abilities, the creepiness of their new location and the junk food she's managed to find.

Laura doesn't want to talk, but Carmilla eventually convinces her to do so. Laura is upset because all she wanted to do was save the campus after she let it go to hell last semester, and all she got was major losses: Mattie, Danny, the campus, even herself. When it came down to it, all the work she'd done and the losses they suffered didn't matter because she wanted to save Carmilla, even if it meant killing Vordenberg.

Carmilla doesn't tell Laura it's okay; instead, she's there for her and provides comfort with the fact that nothing is easy, especially when it comes to trying to do the right thing. She acknowledges that the 19 year old has made her choices and mistakes were made, but she wasn't 100% at fault for anything that has happened. The vampire continues to say that the real tragedy won't be because of the way things turned out but if Laura chooses to give up.

Laura is lost because it's been like they've been playing a losing game this entire semester. Carmilla suddenly recalls how similar their situation is compared to how her random games of chess with the Dean went; just when you thought you were winning, you find out the other person not only has you right where they want you but everything else they ever wanted as well. The light finally seems to go off! The two have FINALLY realized that the Dean isn't as dead as they thought. At this moment, Creampuffs everywhere might have freaked out a bit at the credits suddenly appearing right when our heroes have finally figured out their big problem, but, before we could get too angry, the credits end and show us a pleased Perry sitting in front of Laura's computer.

Perry is directly talking to us viewers about the benefits of Laura's videos in shaping a story a certain way. She knows that these videos can create bias and leave certain parts of the story untold, like the truth behind the Voice of Silas or Summer Society murders. Our theories get confirmed when she points out that the story was changing as soon as she got forced into a certain Anglerfish pit last semester, resulting in her becoming Dean!Perry (WE KNEW IT, I'M SO PLEASED AND FURIOUS). Before she can gloat, Kirsch rushes in with Danny's body.

Dean!Perry decides to be the stellar educator that she is and informs us how the most important thing in life is patience. Patience, apparently, will eventually provide people like the Dean with the right opportunities and situations that can exact her revenge on her enemies ... but she needs some new muscle to support her. With a gasp, Danny comes back to life.

In a twisted parallel to Laura and Carmilla's reunion, Kirsch is just so happy to see Danny alive, even though everything seems VERY wrong with her. After a long moment of creepy close observations, Danny kisses Kirsch and declares he's delicious. The Dean gives her nod of approval, and Danny lays down with Kirsch to have a brotein snack (Sorry Kirsch, looks like Romeo is done-e-o).

Dean!Perry seems to be victorious. She's got everything she wanted: No Board to bother her, No Lophii to worry about and Corvae is in control of the school. Hell is about to break loose on Silas with the first of seven gates being opened. Before we can even process that it'll be a long summer in the Carmilla universe, the episode distorts at the end title card, taking us back to where the incantation was read that brought Danny back to life. As soon as the black screen incantation ends, we see Mattie taking a breath and being very much alive. SO MANY EMOTIONS CREAMPUFFS. I screamed, I teared up, I threw my phone, and, hell, I even did a happy dance at the end. Only a few major things boggling my mind this time around until next season. Laura is so lost. She's given up so much and she's so very much still in love with Carmilla. All the talk about right and wrong went out the window when the love of her life was in danger. I have so much hope for a future for Carmilla and Laura because now they seem to have a better understanding of each other. If they truly are endgame, I'm glad to see them know each other better and have a good place to start to build a healthy relationship. Perry has been the Dean since the end of Season One? At least that's what I'm thinking. It's pretty tragic to think that everyone's been fooled (at least the characters have been) this entire time. I had my suspicions once Perry somehow made waffles during their adventures in running away from the village mob. I'm just curious if Perry became an empty vessel since the Blade of Hastur was supposed to destroy whoever held it. Carmilla is a vampire so maybe it just meant destroying a truly pure living soul (or maybe I've seen the live-action Scooby Doo movie too many times...). Danny's dead. I don't think that's the same Danny we knew as the hero. Mainly for the fact that I don't ever think Danny would kiss Kirsch or hurt someone like that. Whoever that is will probably be Dean!Perry's right hand brute force and eventually mess with Laura's head because, you know, she died in her arms. Mattie's alive! ... or something. They left her body in the basement, as I recall. I don't think she was intended to be resurrected but she was nearby enough, I suppose, that she was also brought back to her undead life. I guess this means she's the new Wild Card because she followed most of her Mother's orders but also got killed because of the Dean's sneaky planning. Before I go to, I suppose there's one last thing you should see.

During the Periscope Q&A, there was an announcement revealed about Carmilla: Season Zero. That's right, we're getting another bonus season, but this isn't the Season Three announcement we all thought. Season Zero will be 12 episodes long but take place BEFORE the events of Carmilla Seasons One and Two. And the best part? We only need to wait like three weeks. With how this episode ended, I have no doubt in my mind that we have the best set up for a third season. Make sure you're watching Season Zero so that UbyKotex knows that we want that third (and potentially final) season. Well Creampuffs, I thought this would be goodbye for a while, but it isn't. Season Two has been full of tears, shouting, dramatic window gazing and awkward happy dances. It's been one of my favorite seasons to ever watch in a series ever. Three weeks will fly by before we even know it. It's been an honor, and I'll see you for whatever madness comes with season Zero. Stay strong guys; we're gonna need it.


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