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PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x03 SNN | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

Looks like it's gonna take more than turf wars, angry angler fish gods and murder to stop Laura Hollis.

Carmilla Courtesy of Tumblr
Carmilla Courtesy of Tumblr

This episode, we see that she has seriously taken the challenge of being the new voice of the people as we got introduced to Laura's newest project of Silas' News Network or SNN (which was hilariously impressive at the thought that a young college student put together the graphics for that incredible opening CNN-Esque sequence.)

SNN will be Laura's way to broadcast live to keep, whoever hasn't left Silas already, updated with coverage of everything that is going on throughout campus (which will probably be a problem in the future ... again.)

We get a look to see how the campus has been divided by the warring groups of the Summer Society, Zeta Omega Mu and the Alchemy Club. The Alchemy Club has the most territory under its control for the south of campus. The north side of campus is divided between the Zetas and the Summers, with the latter of the two having most of the control in the east.

Laura then attempts to inform us about the murder of the Voice of Silas staff before she gets interrupted by the various breaking news throughout campus. We see Laura gradually get more and more frazzled upon the news updates from Perry to caution for attacking harpies, flaming arrows, sentient gas clouds, gamma-irradiated geckos (which I either suspect is the doing of the Alchemy Club or LaFontaine) and of course a potential forecast of rain in the form of spiders (WHY IS IT ALWAYS SPIDERS)?!

Carmilla Courtesy of Tumblr

Laura and Perry are both visibly concerned and a little defeated as they realize the struggles of trying to cover the news, solve murders and deal with a campus at war with itself. Their worries are interrupted by a typical Carmilla style comment about how the last people who tried to do what Laura's doing ended up dead.

Laura apologizes for turning their apartment into an impromptu news station while Carmilla is probably more concerned about the well-being of her girlfriend during this new endeavor. Laura then realizes no progress can be made on solving the murders if the campus is at war, which leads to a mediation attempt compliments of Laura.

We welcome back Danny and Kirsch this season as they accompany their respective group leaders, Mel and Theo, to this meeting. Mel is reasonably concerned about the capabilities of the Zetas to provide safety on campus after the whole incident of having Will being a traitorous vampire (which in everyone's defense, how does one exactly go about politely discovering if their friend is a supernatural being?)

Laura blows the whistle (literally) to stop another round of bickering to bring everyone's attention to the three students who were murdered at the Voice of Silas building while everyone was fighting over the campus.

Theo's attempt to say how the Zetas and Summers saved campus is interrupted by Laura stating how Carmilla technically saved the day (she did kill her evil vampire mother and died for a little bit) and that the campus isn't any safer with their war.

We end this episode with Laura attempting to get the groups to agree to a temporary cease fire until she figures out what's going on behind the murders while Mel is still suspicious about if she can trust that everyone present is not guilty behind the crime.

Well, hopefully the next episode will give us answers about why Mel is so against a truce or why the Alchemy club was absent for this mediation attempt. Until then creampuffs, beware of attacking harpies.

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