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Carmilla: 02x04 War & Pieces

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

06/13/2015 2:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x04 War & Pieces | Carmilla
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All righty creampuffs, this one may have been slightly shorter than the others, but it was a tough one.

So we immediately pick up from where we left off last episode, with the uncomfortable standoff between the Zetas and the Summers because of Mel's observation that anyone in that room could be the suspect.

We find out that all three warring groups of the Zetas, the Summers, and the Alchemy club all had motives to want the students of the Voice of Silas gone. The newspaper had given all of the groups a bad light after an expose on how the Zetas turned a building into brewery, a detailed history behind the Summer Society's Adonis Hunt, and the Alchemy Club's illegal surveillance of the campus parties (which were totally wrong but immensely helpful last season.)

Although Laura points out that her group, being led by Carmilla (who she again strongly defends as the true hero), is the best bet to solve the mystery behind the murders being impartial compared to everyone else. Both Theo and Mel still voice their suspicions, that not only is Laura friends with members from the opposing groups, but they were catalysts in the whole overthrow of the Dean and hell (and a giant angler fish god) breaking loose in Silas.

Kirsch has an idea for himself and Danny to act as representatives for their clubs while Laura and crew tries to figure out the crime. (It took him a while and he needed the unwilling assist but he honestly tried.) Despite Danny's reluctance to admit it, Kirsch's idea is a logical choice for both clubs.

Could it get more interesting? Of course it can. Cause let's throw in protesters. LaFontaine interrupts the meeting to announce that there is now a group of students who are protesting how the angler fish god is being "inhumanely treated." The protesters are particularly angry with the frat boys who are throwing firecrackers into the eye of their beloved Lophii (Even though the god tried to eat them last year, they're still trying to protect it as well as gave it a cute name. Nothing like the old college spirit of strange determination to fight for odd causes I suppose..)

Eventually, the Zetas and Summers agree to the truce and representative idea, although we do see that Mel is strongly opposed to Danny's ideas because she thinks it's an ulterior motive for presidency.

The gang is mostly on the same page before everyone leaves Laura and Carmilla alone in the room. Mostly because Kirsch sees this as a chance for them to unite their clashing groups like Romeo and Juliet (he gets the basic premise of the story down cause it does have a union and kissing ... but the couple also dies. Well at least he tried, again.)

Even though Laura is pleased with the mediation's results, Carmilla points out her concern of Laura's constant portrayal of Carmilla as a perfect hero. The reality is that, although Carmilla did defeat the Dean, she was scared, it wasn't easy and she thinks the only reason Laura likes her is because of it (Well, there goes my heart.)

Before Laura can talk with Carmilla about anything, we see a visibly terrified Perry walk down the stairs holding onto her shirt. We find out that while she was asleep and locked in her room, someone or something came into the room and carved into her stomach a message in blood and, of course, Latin. (Why is it always blood and/or Latin for these things..)

Carmilla translates the message to read "Woe to those who follow in the footsteps of the dead. For their doom is at hand."

So, now we definitely know that Lophii's protesters are gonna probably play a big role in the future (honestly, I'm on team Protect Lophii) and Laura's in pretty serious danger and it's only been four episodes. Greaaaat.

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