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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Carmilla: 02x10, Sister Spycraft

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

07/06/2015 12:25 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x10, Sister Spycraft | Carmilla
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Carmilla's Episode 10 in Season 2 has definitely unsettled some of the characters and kinda left me feeling the same way.

We immediately get a look at Carmilla's attempt to get information from her older sister. Mattie isn't fooled by the nice Swiss Chocolates and blood to see that her sister is trying to get some sort of answers. Carmilla tries to get right to the point, trying to figure out why Mattie is around when she had never been the type to blindly follow orders (which is a nice contrast between Mattie and Will.) Mattie may not be thrilled about being back, but she wants to make sure the job gets done as the Dean would have liked it-so long as it doesn't go against her own agenda...

Carmilla tries to get Mattie to reaffirm her belief that her older sister had nothing to do with the Voice of Silas murders, but Mattie deflects the conversation back at her. Mattie seems to be acting like most older siblings would, pointing out that listening to Mother would give her more answers. She doesn't stop there, however. Mattie also gives off the impression that she genuinely cares about her little sister getting her life together with concern about Carmilla's past with "self-destructive patterns," killing their mother and seemingly rushing into a relationship with a girl she knew for a short time because she "needs it to work or you killed Mother for nothing."

After a short debate about vampire and human relationships, Mattie seems to remain at her stance of she'll leave Laura alone until Carmilla is done with her.

Mattie leaves soon after and Laura tries to brush off the (pretty harsh) conversation about her relationship by pointing out that Mattie definitely indicated that there's something going on at the Anglerfish crater and they need to follow that lead (At least she agreed that she could have handled that better?)

We then cut to seemingly a short time later, where the group is very disheveled with Laura and Perry seeming slightly frazzled, Carmilla is covered in some dirt and LaFontaine seems to be slightly out of place while suited up with some absurd exploration outfit.

Apparently the crater was a good lead because after they got past the growing (probably brainwashed) Lophi cult members, they were able to find out some information about the mysterious SWAT like men that were last seen at the Library. The men are from Corvus Corporation, a post-occult resource (whatever that means) that were taking drilling equipment into a cave in the crater that had odd markings while talking about some "First Gate." Which is TOTAL not unsettling, because ominous markings in underground caves that lead to multiple gates NEVER ends well...

The group couldn't find out more information after Laura had accidentally kicked free a zombie arm from the zombie set (where they were hiding / spying) and it naturally went after them. Things got problematic when the group realized LaFontaine had managed to get an excessively large sample bag (because you know, science) and Carmilla wasn't really participating (probably still rattled from the conversation with her sister).

The group has made significant progress on their search, but the episode ends on a lighter note with Kirsch storming in a very panicked state about needing to hide (while in a hilarious outfit which probably has to do with the Adonis Hunt).

Mattie had some valid points and I can understand where she's coming from. This episode kind of put into perspective that she might not be the worst of the problems this season. I'm still more concerned with the uncharacteristic behavior Perry has been showing lately (especially with being so callous with Carmilla - she wasn't even that harsh when everyone discovered Carmilla's role in Kirsch's disappearance last season) Laura is probably uncomfortable after having her relationship described in less than pleasant terms and it's probably inevitable for Carmilla and Laura to have a discussion, or fight, about it. My belief that Lophi will play a big part by the end of this season is only reaffirmed by the creepy tunnels (still Team Save Lophi 2k15, honestly).

At least we have the odd mystery behind what's going on with Kirsch to look forward to for next week's episodes. Til then, enjoy some hot cocoa or some sort of nice chocolates, because I've got quite the feeling that the road ahead is going to be a bumpy one.


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