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Carmilla 02x11, Adonis Interrupted

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

07/09/2015 9:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla 02x11, Adonis Interrupted | Carmilla
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The bro-ship was strong in "Adonis Interrupted" and it was fantastic.

So after the rather abrupt intrusion by Kirsch from last time, Laura and Carmilla want to know why Kirsch is sporting antlers, battle scars and a vaguely ceremonial attire.

At first the Adonis Hunt started off pretty well for Kirsch. He was pampered to a nice sponge bath and even fed grapes...before being blindfolded and led into the woods to then officially begin the hunt.

The ladies of the Summer Society weren't holding back in any sense and hunted the poor Zeta bro with actually aggressive hunting dogs as well as actual sharp weaponry. Kirsch, the precious cinnamon roll that he is, was totally on board with dealing with the sharp arrows, "bitey dogs" and booby trap pits because he was obviously trying to make Danny happy.

Luckily, he realized the Adonis Hunt was basically an intense game of Capture the Dudebro so he tried to find safety back at campus. When he thought he was in the clear, the Summers shot an arrow through his beer which then led him to crashing into the apartment seeking help (Wasted beer is always such a tragedy, especially for a stereotypical frat bro...)

Before long, Mel bursts through the door, completely armed in an awesome archery outfit, which leads to Laura and Carmilla standing in between the Summer Society President and the ceremonial prey. (Apparently the title is the only metaphor while the whole killing him with an arrow is not a metaphor.) Kirsch comes out after Mel threatens to attack even if she has to go through our favorite tiny journalist and occasionally helpful vampire.

But, before things could escalate, Danny comes to effectively put a stop to Mel's hunt. Danny points out that the Summer Society isn't supposed to be following the old (arguably dangerous) traditions of the Adonis Hunt.

Mel seriously wants revenge (unclear if this is specifically towards the brothers of Zeta Omega Mu or men in general) but as much as Danny wants justice, she knows that hurting Kirsch (who is innocent) is not the solution. Danny states that anyone who wants to hurt the "sweet, silly manchild" will have to go through her. Mel concedes but leaves giving off the impression that the consequences of Danny's choice to protect Kirsch will be great.

After an immensely grateful Kirsch leaves to wear something less ceremonial game-y, we get a very familiar look of Danny and Laura getting down to business to figure out the mysteries on campus. Laura updates Danny on what they've discovered in the crater from last time and that they have a name for a source from the Voice of Silas story on the Board of Governors.

We end with Laura and Danny beginning probably another round of research on the informant Vordenberg with Carmilla reading in the background.

This episode let us look into the worlds of the other characters and it was definitely worth the wait.

It was great to see more of Kirsch's character this episode. We saw that he was honestly just trying to do things to make Danny happy, he immediately stopped hiding from the "Terminators" once Mel threatened Laura and Carmilla and he was honest to God very distressed at the fact that he had to punch a dog (that was trying to bite him) and that they shot his beer.

If one recalls Danny's promo picture, the caption accompanying her intimidating, strong presence stated that she was the "Loyal Sister." Last season, we saw how much the Summer Society meant to her (hence the past usual banter between her and Kirsch) and I kind of got the impression that Danny's future as a Summer Society sister entirely is in hot water. Both her and Mel were truly loyal sisters in a sense, but completely opposite in Mel's upholding of the traditions whereas Danny was sticking up for a friend that she knew was innocent (Upholding traditions vs. Doing the right thing isn't a new conflict but it was incredibly well done.)

A big thing worth noting was the soon introduction we will get to Vordenberg. If you haven't read the novella (which you totally should), Baron Vordenberg played a crucial part in the climax of the plot which didn't end well for our favorite useless lesbian vampire. It is interesting the Carmilla referenced that she knew a baron by the same name during her human life, which might give the impression that we also might be dealing with a descendant of the baron Carmilla knew.

So many things happened and we see that Laura will be conversing with a hooded figure next episode! Is it the Baron? Probably not. Are we excited? DEFINITELY.


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