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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Carmilla: 02x12, Enter the Lugenbaron

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

07/11/2015 12:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x12, Enter the Lugenbaron | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Tumblr
I honestly don't know what I expected for this episode, but Carmilla is definitely ending this week strong with "Enter the Lugenbaron." Immediately we see that another broadcast of SNN has been given the Mattie-touch, where the Chair of the Board is nicely asking for students to comply with the blood and tissue samples to avoid any inconvenient encounters with tasers. By the time Mattie is gone, we see Laura is getting more and more done with Mattie's plans. So naturally to de-stress, she does what any college student might do: break out some snacks and binge watch some television with her girlfriend. Carmilla opts out of finding out how scandalous her girlfriend's show might be, but Laura joins her favorite vampire on the chair anyway. As they couple cuddles, Laura notices that Carmilla is being distant, which Carmilla counters with the fact that she's just deep in thought from her readings of Camus. After they both briefly discuss one particular Camus passage, Carmilla asks that Laura would humor her and just for one night, they could pretend that they'd run away together, away from all their problems and fears. That they could be traveling anywhere, living in hotels with no real rules or responsibilities, and just enjoying whatever city they're in with the girl they love. (TOTALLY ADORABLE, also even more cute that Carmilla actually mentioned love first between the couple.) Laura knows that as nice of an idea running away with her heroic vampire girlfriend would be, it wouldn't be the same. Because as annoying as dealing with intimidating siblings, a murder mystery and an university barely hanging on, it's part of who they are. We then change gears to the next day, where Laura is preparing to meet the exciting yet concerning Baron Vordenberg. Exciting because he's the Voice of Silas information source, and apparently a descendant of a Styrian hero who saved the country from vampires (a nod to the Baron in the novella, probably). Concerning because he is a member of the Board of Governors with Mattie. After being quite possibly one of the few people who know how to knock in this show, we finally meet the adorable, charming old man that is Baron Vordenberg. Vordenberg does acknowledge that he was the informant for the newspaper staff, who he admired for their character and commitment to their craft. Unfortunately for Laura, the Baron cannot really help them out at all. Other than immediately trying to redirect Laura away from the problematic path she is currently on, he's essentially in no real position of power. Vorgenberg is on the Board because of his lineage and respect to the family, but can easily be outvoted by the other members. Also, he points out that it's probably already too late to actually stop Mattie. The episode closes on a Perry panic (because she's probably one of the few people still on campus who actually gets shocked by anything) who is hoping she's hallucinating. We then hear another male voice, apologizing for startling her, which we might assume came from JP. But no, the owner of the voice is apparently Will, who is supposed to be very dead and is also very naked.
Carmilla Courtesy of Tumblr
Other than Laura realizing how much a pain dealing with PR can be as a journalist, we did get a few more things worth noting this episode. We saw Carmilla and Laura have a cute moment while talking about being in love (although the romantic vibe had to be shut down because Laura is so fiercely determined to finish what she started.) The Baron is a sweet old man BUT I just have that gut feeling that he's got something more up his sleeve. Yes, theoretically, he DOES make the perfect informant, but most people don't agree to sharing particular information without some sort of backup plan to save themselves. Also he mentioned how similar the newspaper staff was to the group in the 1930s, so possibly this isn't the first time this has happened to Silas? (Carmilla wouldn't really know, she was still trapped in the blood coffin during that time.) But most of all, if you have been keeping track of the canon twitter accounts for LaFontaine, Laura and Carmilla, you'd know that yesterday there was a power outage on campus (compliments of LaFontaine, obviously). It isn't that large of a jump to the conclusion that LaFontaine was pulling a mad scientist moment and possibly transferred the consciousness of JP into the former body of Will. (Which does explain why LaFontaine had managed to get such a heavy "specimen" bag while they were at the crater. My money is on a complete LaFrankenstein moment, and that we are seeing JP in Will's body. I mean I know I think Perry is possessed or under some evil influence, but she has had pretty terrible luck in being the person who discovers plot moving devices. Til next week, creampuffs!


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