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Carmilla 2x15, No Heroics

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

07/24/2015 10:35 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla 2x15, No Heroics | Carmilla
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Sorry to have been away for a bit, cream puffs


but not as sorry as I am for the roller coaster of emotions in this episode. We're up to episode 15 in season two of Carmilla.

Quick notes version of everything that happened last week?

In "Emergency Procedures" we find out exactly what happened to bring JP into Will's body. After some LaFrankenstein-ing, LaF saved JP by transferring his consciousness into the vacant vampire body of Will. Perry is not pleased with this and goes to stress bake. (Rightful anger, yes. Not sharing cupcakes? Too far ma'am.) The Baron ended up being useless in providing any information to stop Mattie but he does offer a disturbing "family" story about how Carmilla killed his ancestors (Back in those days, I doubt she loved the dude back and a young vampire isn't exactly the picture of control...) Laura turns her attention to getting the college on board with protesting Mattie and the Board.

"Sous Les Paves" was a major set up for the emotions of today's episode. Laura and Danny try (and fail) to rally the students of Silas in a protest to draw out Mattie. After their attempt, some ominous Latin whispers are heard and a cloud seems to be coming towards their apartment, but what a surprise, it's not a cloud. It's an excessive amount of crows going after Perry. Mattie does show up after Perry explains that she has no idea what's going on (I DOUBT IT) and shows no signs of holding back with her decisions. JP drops a major fact about how the Board's rules are not official since there is no student representative on the Board. For some reason, Laura volunteers Carmilla to be the representative which she (finally) stands up for herself and says no to Laura.

...Which brings us to today's episode. It was a ticking time for Carmilla and Laura to have a major fight and we all knew it. Which is why this picture sums up the general consensus for fans reactions.

Carmilla explains that although she loves Laura (oh god, I wasn't ready) she's not going to betray her sister. She's done with Laura's insistence to be a glorified hero and turn on her family. After the rest of the group leaves the room, we finally get Laura and Carmilla alone to talk.

Laura knows that Carmilla is a good person, she just words it SO poorly in this case. Carmilla finally says those three words to Laura, which kinda just get swept under their entire argument. Carmilla loves her but won't change who she is. They're needing completely different things from each other and Carmilla has reached her point and now they're done.

Laura breaks down into tears (FYI: so did I) but tries to hold it together. Danny's a champ for signing up to be the student rep (Laura's not exactly in the best condition to do so and Carmilla...well...) and let's the smaller girl cry while offering some comfort.

A little bit later, we see Laura is trying to get her thoughts together while talking to the camera. She's upset and doesn't seem to understand Carmilla's thoughts or reasons behind her actions, even references how in most stories the monster changes when they fall in love (SHE CALLED HER A MONSTER AND THAT'S NOT OKAY) Cue the obligatory sad break-up montage that includes reading romance novels, eating ice cream with a pie server and needing LaF to cease the leather jacket cuddling.

We eventually get to a new day. Laura's getting right back into being a young woman on a mission and we find out what happened at the Board Meeting that Danny has attended. The combination of Kirsch's unwanted advances plus hearing discussions at the Board Meeting about riveting topics like budget details seems to have the rather tall ginger feeling done. She did note some of the other members of the Board


though. Other than Mattie, Vordenberg


and Danny, the remaining board members are a lady who apparently resembles an owl and a man in yellow robes representing the Hasturmenchen. Danny points out that although the Dean was evil, she was a straightforward evil that they could deal with.

Right after Danny offers genuine sympathy for the break-up, Carmilla returns in her full snarky form from season 1. After Danny leaves, Laura and Carmilla seem to be back to their old season 1 dynamics of Laura being a woman on a mission and Carmilla stuck with her unwillingly. We end the episode on the old antics of Carmilla's quips about Danny, nicknames instead of usage of Laura's name and just all the things we thought would be in the past.

So much happened in this episode to wrap your head around. As happy as I am that Carmilla has stood up for herself, there's just so much that went on. Maybe the board member in yellow robes has something to do with that Blade of Hastur from last season? Maybe being a student representative might not end well for Danny? Will Laura seriously take a second to think about her relationship with Carmilla? Why is Carmilla back? MOST OF ALL, WHY DID WE GET NO PREVIEW FOR THE NEXT EPISODE?!

I'm just really annoyed that we're practically back to where we were last season just with a different villain and problem. I have a great deal of confidence in the writer's abilities to complete these story arcs in a way that does just leave angst and anger. I just hope this all pans out really soon for these characters.

For now, I'm just gonna go take a page out of Laura's break up montage and eat some ice cream. Til next time, cream puffs. Stay strong.


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