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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Carmilla: 02x18, Coup De Grace

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

08/01/2015 3:22 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x18, Coup De Grace | Grace
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With "Coup De Grace," Carmilla Season 2 is officially halfway through, but this episode is far from the final blow of anything.

It's time for the great debate that could save Silas. We see that Laura and Danny are dressed up for the occasion with Vordenberg and Mattie just staring each other down. Carmilla shows up at the caution tape border to ask Laura if she's sure she wants to go through with the debate because Mattie isn't the worst thing that could happen to them (that glance past Laura was totally aimed for the Baron, not Mattie). Laura's on a mission to save the school and won't be stopped even if Carmilla is showing genuine concern on the matter.

We jump right into the broadcasted coverage of Vordenberg V Belmonde debate. The debate has the usual format of any regular debate: There will be questions from students (by that we mean Laura if we're honest), a chance for closing remarks and a final vote by the Board.

Mattie won the coin toss and gets the first question regarding the accusation about the students' bodies being in danger of being sold. Mattie handles this well (her demeanor not even phased and word choice eloquent) and claims that the statement is exaggerated since the Corvae people are only there to catalog and evacuate the students (the ethics behind harming the students aren't as important as their technical product value is).

The Baron's rebuttal refers to the fact that Mattie intends to use section 23 of the Silas Charter, which doesn't veer too far off topic due to the centuries old vampire pointing out that she's lived through the years/adventures the Baron claims to have been involved in.

Mattie points out that the charter was only invoked to deal with the Deep One (Lophii). She points out that the trapped anglerfish demigod is essentially a ticking apocalyptic danger to campus and, even though the Dean wanted to sell it to Corvae, she decided that she'd rather they just blow up the campus and bury the thing.

Despite Mattie being practical about the situation (a loose angry demigod is very problematic), Laura only sees the evil behind the intentions and, even if the students aren't in immediate danger, she's not holding back any of her punches. She brings up the other Board of Governors members via video conference (nice to see that Danny was spot on in her descriptions of them) and brings out the "Coup de Grace."

Laura's certain that Mattie was behind the murders of the Voice of Silas students due to the large, extensive file they kept on her. Apparently the tiny heroine took the initiative to send copies of what they found to the other board members, which includes a consulting contract that Mattie has with the Corvae Corporation, and the fact that she also receives 10% from the sales she makes and that she has detailed filed on how to kill (presumably) the other board members.

This brings us immediately to the vote: Danny - Mattie's out, Vordie's in; Vordenberg - Mattie needs go and he'll humbly take the position; Owl Lady - Some chess analogy that could refer to a final end game blow or the fact that Mattie isn't the big bad in this story; Hasturmenchen - google translate reveals that he had some choice words for Mattie.

While waiting for the final verdict, Mattie points out that they're making a huge mistake (I'm with the vampire on this one). Laura seems triumphant since she seemingly solved the mystery behind the murders AND saved the school. The final vote reveals that Vordenberg is officially the new Chair of the Board of Governors.

Mattie has reached her limit and has every intention of literally ripping Laura apart until Carmilla throws back the curtain to stop her sister. Mattie's upset that the younger vampire is still concerned for the young journalist that has apparently put everyone in danger. With another inhuman angry screech, Mattie disappears from the apartment.

After an inappropriate (but kudos to Elise Bauman/Laura) Wicked Witch of the West impression and the formal introduction of the Baron as the new Chair commences, the oddest, yet most hilarious impromptu dubstep celebratory group dance party (san Carmilla who is sitting in the background) takes place. The celebrations are cut short with Vordenberg making an official statement about how he intends to bring Silas to some glorious future.

We end off with the Baron's first official move as Chair, where he's calling for the detainment of anyone who is or is suspected to be a vampire.

It seems that the show is holding true to the novella in the fact that Vordenberg is going to be a vampire hunter, who is probably going after Carmilla. As if the fact that the same old man who needed to be escorted into the apartment carefully suddenly tossed away his cane after getting the title wasn't a little bit concerning, I'm also worried that the suspicious old man actually has the unnatural powers that comes with the title of Chair of the Board of Governors.

But just some thoughts to finish off this week of Carmilla: Why do I feel like the Baron was looking at Perry, not JP, right before he announced the capture of vampires? Will this mean Laura will be the hero trying to protect Carmilla from the Baron? Will Mattie return? (I honestly hope so). How are the Summers, Zetas and the rest of the campus responding to this new order?

Halfway through this season and things are heating up at Silas. Til next time creampuffs. Just don't go and try to detain any vampires on your own.


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