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Carmilla: 02x19, Dividing Lines

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

08/10/2015 9:13 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x19, Dividing Lines | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Carmilla Web Series

So with "Dividing Lines," we immediately needed hugs because this episode was not released right as the clocks hit 5:30:00 PM on the East Coast. But everything was okay, because we still got an episode of Carmilla to recap.

We start off right away with an opening shot of Laura, who informs us that the videos are now being posted privately for those on her list (which could explain the slight delay in the posting, not just trolling by the crew) It's been approximately a week since the Baron's essential declaration of war on vampires.

Laura was the only one to come to the defense of the vampires, since the other Board of Governors members were still a little bitter at Mattie's whole secret agenda, they were fully supportive of the new Board Chair's plan (curiously Danny can be assumed to be silent on the topic. Interesting.) While the Baron goes on to detail how the vampires have been a parasitic problem to Silas, LaFontaine and Perry take the opportunity to escort JP away from the situation.

Vordenberg finds Laura's loyalty to be endearing, but cannot ignore the fact that the vampires are the reason for the sacrifices to Lophi, the terror that took place after the Dean's defeat and the death of his ancestors. Laura defends the fact that a certain broody ex of a roommate vampire was only attacking freshmen girls (quite too literal interpretation of fresh meat) because she was acting out.

The Baron won't take a chance with any vampires and that seems to be the last straw for Carmilla who, despite Laura's adorable attempts at a defense, decides that if he's so sure that vampires are destructive, evil, rampaging force, she should definitely act the part. After Carmilla storms out, Vordenberg then gathered the troops (Summer Society and Zetas) to begin the vampire hunt (which was only possible thanks to suspicious superhuman strength from the new Chair.)

Things aren't going at all as Laura planned. Corvae seems to have stopped their involvement on campus, a temporary trauma / student center has been set up and the Baron has established some sort of PA System across campus (vaguely reminds me of Big Brother). The Baron then announces how the students can come to get coffee, IDs or get some leech treatment (HOW OLD IS THIS SUSPICIOUS MAN) and that the hunt will not stop until the vampire opposition is all defeated.

Laura is conflicted because even though things are going relatively well enough for Silas, she doesn't like the fact that Carmilla is lashing out and deliberately putting herself in danger of getting hurt...or worse, expelled. Wait sorry, wrong universe.

Enter the concerned Den Mother Perry who comes in to let Laura know that a panther was spotted dragging a body across campus. Laura seems defeated at this fact and even turns down the idea of an ice cream sundae dinner. She goes to leave to take a walk around the house.

LaFontaine rushes in with JP to hang out with Laura since Perry has apparently been avoiding the science duo. After JP's apology for upsetting her, Perry admits that she's avoided the both of them because she's the one who feels out of place among the group. While Carmilla is the cool vampire, Laura's the tiny hero that's in love with the vampire, LaF and JP are the excited researchers while Perry is just tired of feeling scared of everything that's going on.

LaF tells her that everyone's scared, hence why they prefer dissecting everything. JP adds on that life is pretty awful and hard to understand but it's a lot easier to deal with if you're not going through it alone. CUE THE MOST AWKWARD, YET ADORABLE GROUP HUG I'VE EVER WITNESSED FROM PERRY, LAFONTAINE AND JP.

Laura returns after the others decide to go off and celebrate with ice cream sundaes. The tiny heroine seems wistful as she just takes in the idea of everything just being solved easily. The episode, as well as Laura's rant, comes to a crashing halt when Mattie comes stumbling through the door with an injured Carmilla.

So much has happened and there's just a few things that are stumbling through my head.

Is someone who is on the side of the Baron on Laura's list of viewers with access to the videos? What are Danny's actual thoughts on the whole vampire hunt? Are Danny and Kirsch involved? How in the world has the Baron given the vampire hunters and what are the consequences of these powers? Is Perry telling the truth about Carmilla's panther form dragging a body? If she was, was she helping or hurting the person? Also, can we even trust Perry because as adorable as the moment with LaF and JP was, I still think she's involved with the mysterious big bad. Lastly, WHO IN THE WORLD ACTUALLY SHOT CARMILLA WITH AN ARROW?

A lot of questions came up this episode and who knows what to even expect from the next episode? Stay tuned creampuffs.


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