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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Carmilla: 2x22, Compulsory Violence

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

08/16/2015 4:49 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 2x22, Compulsory Violence | Compulsory Violence
Media Courtesy of RainbowHub

No fears Creampuffs, after a fair amount of technical difficulties on my end, I'm back for more recaps. Let's briefly rundown what the last two episodes built up to this incredible episode that was "Compulsory Violence."

Last week's "Damage Control" helped give us a few more answers from the previous weeks. We found out that Carmilla and Mattie were ambushed by Summer Society archers after chasing some Zetas in the North Quad (the body being dragged was Carmilla dragging her older sister to safety). Carmilla got hit with an arrow in the chest. With arrow bits still inside the wound, Mattie figures that one of the mad science enthusiasts would be more than capable to help with the wound, but Laura does not provide help without having Mattie agree that the vampires cease their alleged rampage. Major props to Laura for standing up to a vampire that very much wants to kill her, all to ensure the safety of her friends as well as be able to keep an eye on her ex-girlfriend.

The older vampire begrudgingly agrees to the agreement as well as the terms of no physical injury coming to anyone during their stay. Laura retrieves the rest of the group and Perry is not happy about it. LaFontaine and Perry go to the injury and get the arrow out relatively quickly. Perry leaves after acknowledging that even though Laura is well-meaning, her decision might be a bad one. After Carmilla is tended to and informed of their current situation, Perry rushes back in to warn everyone that Vordenberg's army is heading to their apartment.

Earlier this week we were treated to a new camera angle and a look at Vordenberg's troops of the Summer Society and Zeta Omega Mu members in "Prisoner's Dilemma." Perry enters with the troops of Danny, Kirsch, Mel and Theo (all sporting nice jackets and a suspiciously concerning mark on their foreheads) to see Laura and LaFontaine playing some old weird board game. Even though it's pretty obvious that it's a poorly formed lie and different arrangement to hide the vampires, Danny establishes that she believes Laura's lie about not knowing where the vampires are. Although Theo states his suspicions, turns out that Danny is in charge (due to her alliance with Vordenberg and status on the Board presumably) and they have to follow her orders no matter what.

Danny isn't dumb and knows very well that Laura's hiding the vampires but is trusting the girl's judgment. While Danny thinks things are genuinely getting better for campus, Laura isn't so sure. Going from such a strong black and white perception of good to a shade of gray perhaps? Later LaF helps Laura move things out, only to reveal that the vampires were indeed hiding in the secret passage referenced in "Brave New World." Carmilla would much rather a change in venue due to her concern about Danny's alliance, but they don't have much of a choice. But before they could really get any further, Perry rushes in with Holy Water to throw on Perry, demanding answers... which finally bring us to today's "Compulsory Violence."

Perry continues her forced uninvited holy water bath onto Mattie, which the vampire is reasonably irritated about. Even though Laura asks Perry to stop, Perry's on a mission to get the truth about the vampires; she's convinced that Mattie is behind the attacks and the brain invasion thing (which is suspicious cause I just thought she had nightmares?) while still attacking the vampire. Naturally, Mattie reaches her breaking point and attacks Perry off screen (which sounds terrifyingly concerning.)

Laura manages to stop Mattie from seriously injuring Perry, but ends up up close to the vampire's rage about being attacked (which is only stopped from getting worse by Carmilla again). Perry is injured and Carmilla's okay with the fact that no one's dead; LaFontaine is FURIOUS that someone's already hurt (which kudos to Kaitlyn Alexander to showing a new side of LaF) which causes Laura to reach a whole new level of done.

She knows that Carmilla's right in being happy that no one is dead, Mattie's right in justifiably attacking Perry (who attacked first) and LaFontaine is generally right about everything... but Laura is just so exhausted. She breaks down because she wants at least an hour of peace to sleep because she's just a 19 year old and she's reached her current capacity. Thankfully everyone presumably returns to their metaphorical corners.

Later we see Carmilla sitting alone when Laura comes back into the room. She's surprised to see the vampire there but apparently Mattie is angrily ranting somewhere else (and I wouldn't be surprised if a certain vampire stuck around because she was slightly concerned for her ex...). Perry's okay but Laura knows that Carmilla really doesn't care about anyone other than the tiny aspiring journalist.

Laura asks the big question of why Carmilla keeps saving her and Carmilla explains that even if they're broken up, Carmilla is still hers, in the sense that she still cares about her, causing me to cry on the inside. Carmilla knows that Laura just wants a love that she can understand, not just a possessive, protective vampire, but that's just not how Carmilla currently is. Even though she doesn't know how to be that person for Laura, what she does know is that this tiny stubborn journalist is the first person she wanted to save in a long time.

It's still not enough because even the vampire knows that Laura wants Carmilla to be doing good things, not because the love of her undead life wants her, but because it's the right thing to do. Laura just doesn't know how to respond and Carmilla just asks "Do you miss me?" The delivery, the expression, the simple intensity behind four words. Laura's response was just as intense with "Like someone cut a hole in me".. which was the point that I cried like a baby.

There are no further words exchanged and Laura just resigns to going to bed for the night. Right before she goes and the episode ends, Carmilla gives her the biggest bit of information this season. The vampire reveals that Mattie has a piece of her heart in a locket (a weird mix of Pirates of the Caribbean and a Harry Potter Horcrux) which makes her invincible. She tells Laura that if the older vampire tries to kill her again to take what's inside the locket and crush it.

This episode was truly incredible in my opinion not just because it answered a few important concerns, but because of the much powerful acting by this cast. Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis did incredibly well during their one scene together. They delivered the lines so well, so powerfully that I felt like I shouldn't have been looking because it was so intimate and personal. Also just a nod of appreciate to the intensity Bauman delivered this episode, with her early breakdown and her heart-wrenching conversation towards the end.

Before I go over a few things to mull over til the next episode, I just wanted to point out how important Laura's "I just don't care" was. This 19 year old girl has gone through a lot over the last couple of months. She has such a good heart that she can lose sight of other things, I mean she's even lost her girlfriend (that she very obviously still cares about) in the process, but she kept soldiering on until she reached her breaking point. She's exhausted and her saying she doesn't care says to me that Laura has been changing since her blowout/break up with Carmilla.

Other than that significant character moment, let's consider these: Perry seems to be the new intense one on a mission, but why does she feel so strongly against Mattie? What is exactly going on with Perry, because there's just something missing there. It looks like the old Hollstein might be over, but I'd like to believe them to be an example of "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together." Those ten seconds of silence before Laura says goodnight gave me the impression that they are going to be together, just not yet. The longing is obvious, but there's still some growth that's necessary I feel. What is Laura going to do with this information that Carmilla gave her? I feel like Laura won't exploit it unless necessary, but also I wouldn't cross betrayal by friends who may have scene this video out of the list of possibilities. Lastly, I'm just concerned for Danny. She's genuinely believing in the good changes on the campus and things just don't seem right, especially if Laura is even seeing problems.

Quite the heavy episode in Carmilla this week. It's going to be interesting to see how things evolve from this point on.


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