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Carmilla: 02x29, Godslayer And 02x30, Co-Existence

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

09/13/2015 11:25 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 02x29, Godslayer And 02x30, Co-Existence | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

Hey creampuffs, this was by far the most difficulty I've ever experienced in writing a recap for Carmilla, but we gotta do it. So let's just get right to it.

"Godslayer" picked up right away with Danny explaining her deal with the Baron. Danny gave up the location of the vampires and then Vordenberg agreed to stop trying to kill Lophii and all the other things that have gone awry at Silas.

Vordenberg is disturbingly smug during the entire exchange but Mattie is completely done with her situation. She knows that the ginger warrior's trust in the Baron is problematic. Vordenberg doesn't really care, because now he's got the chance to redeem his family and prove himself to be Baron Vordenberg - Vampire Hunter, Chair of Silas University and Godslayer.

While Danny seems shocked at this none-too-surprising betrayal by the old man (as Carmilla points out, his official title is 'Lugenbaron' which means Baron of Lies), Vordenberg is not ashamed that he had to lie because he had every intention of becoming some sort of manipulative hero in this world... or at least Styria.

Before the Baron can go on and gloat about his upcoming defeat of Lophii, LaFontaine and Kirsch end up acting as messenger from the demigod. Lophii communicates through LaFontaine and Kirsch (former fish food, as you recall) sounding like a stereotypical bad guy says it can't be defeated and that it should have killed people when it had a chance. Right before the feed cuts out, Lophii claims that the gates will open if it dies.

By the time the feed gets back, Vordenberg assumes he's victorious because the anglerfish is slayed and the students are seemingly unharmed. Everyone then turns their attention to Mattie, all wanting justice for different things: Danny wanted answers for the 8 dead Summer Society sisters, Laura wants to know where Perry is (Don't we all...) and Vordenberg throws in the Voice of Silas Staff as well. Just when Vordenberg thinks he won, Mattie laughs because she remembers that the night before she drank the anglerfish blood.

She points out that she's had to deal with a lot of nonsense and accusations since she got to Silas. So with the new power that she realized she had, she plans to live up to the title of a monster of rampage by going after the Baron. Vordenberg gets away and Danny challenges Mattie because she wants justice. Although Mattie seems to slowly break some of Danny's body, Danny grabs the locket and crushes what was on the inside before the episode cuts out.

Which brings us to "Co-existence," the beginning full pain of the dreaded Giraffe Shirt.

We start off at the ending of an SNN Broadcast (probably a flashback?) with Laura warning people to be cautious of the Anglerfish god crater due to uncertainty if mind control is involved. In typical Mattie fashion, she makes the situation seem a lot more pleasant and less dangerous than it really is, even going so far as to make a joke that makes Carmilla laugh in the background.

Mattie shows off her centuries of knowledge by explaining that humor during tough times and lack of judgment is how she's survived for so long. Mattie even informs us of what really happened with Vordenberg's ancestors and Carmilla (since she was there after all...), Turns out that the "love" Vordenberg's ancestor claimed to have was just necrophilia and that he stole Carmilla's undead body, which eventually results in Carmilla killing the family as she escaped from the dungeon. Although Carmilla was embarrassed by the history between them, she made peace with her decision (especially since she got to kill all of them during her escape), then we get to a playful sibling banter between Carmilla and Mattie with chasing and laughing.

We then pick up right where "Godslayer" left off with a pained Carmilla catching a dying Mattie. Carmilla seems so young at that moment because she asks her older sister what to do, but there is nothing that can be done. With her dying breaths, Mattie says for the last time how she didn't kill anyone she's been accused of killing. She also mentions that whoever managed to kill them was doing it according to the Dean's best interest, even going so far as to kill Mattie.

Once Mattie dies in her sister's arms, Carmilla turns her rage towards Danny. Danny is told to run because the vampire has every intention to kill Danny in the slowest, most painful way possible. Danny, however, is not deterred and challenges Carmilla to kill her now.

Laura stops Carmilla from attacking Danny and, brace yourselves, this is where your heart will break. Laura points out, painfully, that even though Mattie was killed by Danny's hand, everyone knows that it's Laura's fault for telling her how. (The look on the vampire's face is absolutely tragic). Carmilla grabs Laura but doesn't kill her (physically at least.) It kills Carmilla as she realizes that Mattie was right about Laura and tells the tiny journalist that she "is a selfish, callow girl."

Laura apologizes again and again but the vampire is rightfully angry. Carmilla had always had her big sister during her undead life. 300 years of friendship and a bond stronger than any infatuation or relationship, ended so abruptly. Laura tries to defend herself but Carmilla isn't having any of that.

Now we see the scene that we heard at the end of the Fan Expo Exclusive trailer. The camera shakes (similar when Mattie would screech) and Carmilla gives them one last decent piece of advice. She warns EVERYONE to stay away from her because whoever doesn't: She. Will. Kill.

In my entire 21 years on this planet, I have never been so shaken up by an episode on a show before. I honestly just shut my computer and couldn't even process anything. I just ended up looking out the window and re-evaluated my entire life. I couldn't speak, I was trying my best not to cry but I was just so impressed with every little thing I caught from "Co-Existence." This batch of episodes just blew my mind and I have never been so in awe of people's ability to write so well combined with the ability for the cast to deliver such a strong episode.

Just a couple things that'll break my heart until next week.

Carmilla is an absolutely incredible character. I am completely terrified of what may come in the future. She has lost everything. She lost her trust in the one girl she loved. She lost her big sister who was there her entire undead life. She has no reason to spare anyone, but her good heart (if that's still a thing) will be the big wildcard for the rest of the season.

Oh Danny. I supported her so much. I am heartbroken by her character arc this week. Her loyalty to the Summer Society girls is astounding, giving her bravery to take on both vampires. That slight betrayal on her face when Vordenberg admitted he tricked her was tragic, but I am confused how she ended the fight with Mattie so easily by crushing the locket. I had a long standing belief that she's a tough warrior (hence no fear in challenge Carmilla to kill her then and there) and it just seems off to me that she did that.

I want to protect Laura Hollis at all cost. It's odd to see that (at least in the context of video editing) that Laura included that tidbit of Mattie and Carmilla being adorable siblings. Hindsight is 20/20, so it's just another way for her to show her remorse for her actions. Her tumblr shows how much she's beating herself up.

When Carmilla calls her a selfish callow girl, you just see Laura break on the inside. Based on Elise Bauman's Periscope, we were told that her mindset this season is that Laura feels like everything is her fault. So I can't even imagine how much worse she feels now that the girl she's in love with has just reaffirmed that blame.

Lastly, as per usual, I just want to know where Perry is. So many things have happened and I still don't believe Mattie (RIP fave character) did anything to her. I want to know where she is because anytime something happened to her, LaFontaine has almost always been there. LaF is supposed to be her best friend and I want to know why she hasn't been around. I just want to know what the hell is going on with her.

That's all for this week Creampuffs. Six more episodes left and I honestly have no clue with what to expect. Stay strong and avoid the fury of a vampires at all costs.


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