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Carmilla: 00x10, 00x11, & 00x12

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

11/27/2015 7:10 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: 00x10, 00x11, & 00x12 | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

This is it Creampuffs, the end of Season Zero. We got surprised by the final episode of this prequel season also being released today so let's just get down to talking about the last three episodes!

"Wishin' & Hopin'" starts us back off with present day, still trapped, Laura and Carmilla. The future journalist is still somehow skeptical of the reality of the events she's watching on the tapes (she's sitting next to a 300+ year old vampire for Lophii's sake...) After a solid point about how the Dean getting turned to stone would have solved so many of their problems, Laura acknowledges her surprise at how different Perry was in 2012. Carmilla points out how people change and cope in surprising manners (End of S1 Betty, anyone?) The vampire is slightly vague in answering her ex's question about what happened to Perry, before our focus switches back to the VHS tapes.

The 2012 gang is doing more research on the potential fairy nemesis, giving us the understanding that a fairy kingdom wouldn't be as pleasant as one like Perry would assume. The ginger is choosing to ignore the aesthetic gore the book seems to be implying comes with the Fairy Reign of Terror, while Carmilla wants clarification to see if this Tythia is truly trapped since all the spooky and creepy factors seem to be suggesting that the Fairy Queen is the metaphorical man behind the mask.

Carmilla can't help the centuries of knowledge she's accumulated and lists off how the bloodwood tree Tythia is supposedly trapped in could be used (To be honest, at any other university, the excuse of an 18th Century Woodworking class is not as easily accepted.) Carmilla busts the common conception of spells being broken just by actions like blood sacrifices or stone circles being disrupted, and points that something as seemingly innocent as a wish could have released the Fairy Queen.

Perry is suddenly more apprehensive and cautious, trying to find out how to fix everything because our past Hippie seems to be pretty guilty. After Carmilla points out how unpleasant of a future awaits people who make deals with magical creatures (kinda similar to how the group got screwed over by that little mountain trickster before S2...) The episode ends with the 2012 gang hearing Perry admit that she is definitely more involved than she would have ever wanted and is the only one who can re-trap the fairy.

"Clap If You Believe In..." certainly has us believing that Perry is in a significant amount of trouble with unleashing an all-powerful, probably evil Fairy Queen or the fact that a certain vampire is more than okay with ending the source of their problem. Perry explains that she doesn't feel special, especially when her best friend seems destined to be something great (It wasn't a cure for cancer but LaFontaine does successfully reanimate a dead body...) It looks like Perry dragged Susan to Silas and her best friend doesn't like it at the school. So the future floor don dabbled with Wicca in the hopes of becoming special enough that her best friend will stay and they could then go on some cool supernatural adventure. Perry saw the statue and failed at a spell to try to get Susan to see some magic and that her best friend is special too.

Before Carmilla can begin to follow through with her plans to eviscerate the source of their problem, Mel comes in clutch with the fact that the textbook suggests Tythia would be connected to the person who unleashed her. Perry is only safe for the time being that it seems that she's the only one who can cut the fairy's ties to the world and send her back to wherever she was.

The first attempt at the spell fails due to Perry's lack of confidence in herself. After a gentle reminder about Carmilla's enthusiasm to end the problem and encouragement from Mel, who referred to Perry's initial optimism at the beginning of this season as well as the Hippie's technical successful (totally unintended) spell that unleashed the fairy to begin with, Perry finds success as a green light appears and Tythia appears right behind the to lead us into the FINAL episode of season Zero.

"Nothing to See Here" brings us the final installment of this season, with Perry not doing a thing to send the Fairy Queen back. Tythia tries to get out of the whole banishment into the bloodwood tree by seeming to appease everyone's true heart desires: Kirsch gets oats and hay (rude); Mel seems to transform into the tough, Summer Society warrior we're familiar with, Carmilla's true love match is predicted to be coming into the picture pretty soon and Perry gets the offer to accompany Tythia as the world gets transformed.

Perry is initially happy with the idea of going with the queen because she finally feels special. The other shoe seems to drop and Perry is informed that everyone who made her feel insignificant will meet their downfall, which essentially means that to gain anything she's desired, her best friend will also lose everything. Without much hesitation (MY HEART HURTS AT THE LAFERRY RELATIONSHIP) Perry quickly changes her mind and finishes the spell to trap Tythia once more. Surprising no one, some chaos ensues on campus, leaving the interrogation room a mess.

Perry is in shock and demands that Carmilla acts like this never happened before they both get overwhelmed by the pains of missed periods finally catching up with them as the universe has finally rebalanced itself. The ginger leaves Carmilla alone in the room shortly after, answering the phone call from the future Dr. LaFrankenstein, who had finally gotten out of lab, seeming more like the "BE NORMAL" Perry we're more familiar with. Our trip to the past seems to end with the vampire laughing to the video feed (which I assume goes to the Dean) at the idea of finding her match before bringing us back to present day Hollstein.

Laura is as surprised as we are at the ending of the mystery on the VHS tapes. She suggests possibly bringing the tapes back to LaFontaine so that they can see how much Perry cares. Carmilla is hesitant and looks torn as she tells Laura that sometimes it's worse to live with a reminder of what you've lost (Not like Laura had to deal with that during S2 whatsoever, Carm...) The sentimental moment ends with Laura being the absolute dork we know and love, while making jokes at her favorite vampire. Soon enough, Laura spots and follows a new hallway that leads them out of their trapped room, with an exasperated but 100% whipped Carmilla right behind her.

Season Zero truly ends with a return to the VHS tapes to see young high school aged Laura Hollis somehow finding her way into the trashed interrogation room some time later. Seems that she's always had an appreciation for the strange and absolutely loves Silas. We end with that familiar look of adventure on Laura's face as she recognizes that an adventure awaits her in the future at Silas.

This bonus season has truly been a treat. It's been funny to see a whole new adventure in the past just centralized the whole debacle of missing periods at Silas. Just a few points I'll be brooding as much as Carmilla before we venture into the real world of a Carmilla hiatus.

I wonder if the Dean has always had a plan for Perry. I mean yes, she had to play the improvise game when she almost met a deserved end via a large boulder at the Lustig. Someone so normal, seemingly average and more than okay with denial of the truth for as long as possible seems out of place at Silas. I just am curious to see that the Dean has always kept Perry in mind since the missing periods incident.

So many of these things that we're used to are the result of a fairy? That's blowing my mind more than anything else. Tythia seemed to flip a switch within Mel and I guess it's true that the strongest power comes from within. I also wonder if the result of Perry's rejection of the Fairy Queen's promised idea had an effect on LaFontaine. Just with how Perry was talking about them this entire prequel season, it seemed that LaF wasn't about the weird whatsoever. This is PURE speculation, but what if the consequences of not accepting the Fairy Queen's "generosity" is the reason everything didn't seem to stay the way it was? What if that's why Mel still got the power within the Summer Society like she always wanted, but then Danny came along and she had to play second string instead of being the leader she wanted to be? What if that's why LaFontaine and Perry eventually got to the point, like in Season 2, where they're both not communicating with the person they care so strongly about?

Then there's Carmilla. The fact that her truest desire was still about love got me so emotional. I'm betting that the whole dismissal of meeting her match was all a front because Carmilla wants to reasonably stay within her mother's good graces after the whole blood coffin incident. Along the lines of those with their previous desires, maybe this explains why the vampire fell so fast for Laura. It could have just been always in the back of her mind once Laura said that even the vampire deserved better when they barely liked each other as roommates. Yes, Tythia said she'd meet her match, she didn't say anything about a happily ever after but let's be real: Carmilla is a total romantic sap. HOPEFULLY, these two idiots realize that they're 100% meant for each other because sentient cameras and evil Fairy Queens even recognize that.

...Well I guess that's all from this Creampuff for this prequel season. Keep watching Carmilla so that we can come together for one last season! Til then, stay classy creampuffs!

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