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Carmilla: Season Zero, Episodes 3 - 6

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

11/11/2015 10:23 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Carmilla: Season Zero, Episodes 3 - 6 | Carmilla
Media Courtesy of Credit: Tumblr

Sorry for the delay, Creampuffs! I did not get lost in the Silas Library or anything like that, just a tad bit of technical difficulties and a small incident with germs.

Excuses aside - We're just over the halfway mark of Season Zero! This prequel season is one of the funniest things I've ever watched, so let's break down what we've missed in the Carmilla universe before getting to this week's episode!

"Lucy & Ethel" picks up with our favorite lazy vampire investigator trying to figure out who is to blame for the Chicken Zeta Bro incident of 2012. Mel points out that dealing with periods can't be that bad, while Perry argues against messing with the natural order of things because she likes being in control of her life and body (the irony is lost on no one...) Turns out that there's no specific target--faculty, students, and angry investigators are all experiencing the Redwing Migration.  

Carmilla has no time for this and reminds them that she needs someone to blame, despite the whole blood prophecy and straight up Silas-esque

 mystical shenanigans occurring. Perry may be a rookie at the whole magic thing, but she does believe that she can still contact the spirits somehow. Zeta Baby Kirsch causes a fuss from wherever he's being held captive and Carmilla goes to deal with the complaint. While she's gone, Mel has a slight meltdown, because who wouldn't in her current situation? The episode ends with Mel and Perry figuring out that they technically have class together but never really interacted before this, and that Mel's reasoning for being at the party seems sketchier by the second.

"No One Expects" picks up right away with Carmilla confirming that there is some magic behind this, but Perry has just set herself up as a prime suspect because she's the only one who strongly believed it was something out of the ordinary. We cut back to Carmilla and Laura in present day after Carmilla goes to try to find the thumbscrews to try to up her interrogation game. Laura seems surprised to remember that Carmilla wasn't always the useless lesbian vampire she cares about. They joke about comparing the vampire to the Fonz and there are threats of using vampire speed but it's a nice cute moment of the pair just getting along after all the intensity of this past season.

We cut back to 2012, where Perry manages to convince Carmilla to put the breaks on the pain train for a second because she thinks she can do a spell to find out who used the magic that is affecting everyone. As if the demoralizing realization of another failed spell, the episode ends with the interrogator adding salt to the wound by saying that the spell didn't work because Perry is just not special or significant enough for it.

Carmilla needs a solution to this issue because she doesn't want an unhappy Dean, so she steps up her interrogation tactics in "The Missing ... Link." We find out that Kirsch was only at the party as a young Zeta because that's just what stereotypical frat boys do.


el was supposedly trying to blow off steam at the party and drops a random tidbit about possibly humiliating a Zeta. Perry was there to originally meet Susan (it feels weird to type that, by the way), who didn't show up because she got caught up with an experiment. When Carmilla mentions how the weird magic has been turning some people's heads into animals like the bull, Perry makes the connection that possibly the Zetas are behind this lack of periods, since their fraternity's mascot is the Minotaur. Mel doesn't like this idea, but Perry is convinced that someone or something stole the periods, because at Silas, people's cycles along with the moon are somehow powerful magic (weird), and that kind of power might be used to satisfy some obscure demigod.

We cut back to a surprised Laura, who spouts an absurd theory about Mel being possessed by a demigod. More than anything, the tiny journalist is shocked to see how different the people she knows are just a few years back. She then gets on to thinking about how nice Kirsch is and how she's upset that she's not doing anything to find him or figure a solution to their problem. Heart eyes vampire, on the other hand, tries to cheer up her ex because not only can they not escape right now, but Laura isn't the type to leave a story or mystery unsolved, which brings us to the next episode.

"Suspicious Minds" returns to the three ladies trying to understand Kirsch's Zeta side of the story. Kirsch is an absolute dudebro and lacks class, as usual, and just wonders if this means more girls can go to the SuperBloodMoon Toga Party, since there are no periods to worry about. Kirsch proclaims the fraternity's innocence, claiming that they have respect for hotties on campus (unless you're the backstabbing douchemonkey that is Theo...)


espite their mascot indeed being a Minotaur, they wouldn't mess with Aunt Flow. Perry comes to the conclusion that maybe the Zetas didn't mean for it to get this out of hand, but wanted a lack of periods for the party that Kirsch referred to. Carmilla is down to blame the Zetas for messing with nature and nature trying to readjust ... but it seems they're all trapped in that room to bring us to this week's madness.

"Lock In" starts off with Mel and Perry reasonably trying to find a way out of their current situation while Carmilla tries to call the Dean. Someone (the Dean possibly) or something has them locked in that room because it looks like the Zetas are innocent. They move on to trying to figure out Mel's true motive for being at the party and, just as she begins to say something about proving something, Kirsch is having a freakout and trying to get everyone's attention.

Turns out Kirsch needs help because something is happening to him, but he hasn't turned on the webcam yet, so all we can hear are some distressed noises coming from the scared frat bro. But soon enough, he figures out that they'd be able to help more if they can see and, low and behold, Kirsch is donning some fresh donkey ears.

Before we can get more on that, the camera brings us back to Laura and Carmilla. Laura is entertained by the idea of Carmilla being in detective mode and that maybe the library is keeping them there to help give hints on dealing with their current bad. The vampire is not happy with the idea that they might be dealing with the big bad from 2012 and it's going to only get worse from here.

Well this was a doozy

 of a recap, huh? Just three major things to mull over until the next time!

One. Mel is super shady. I mean yes, I feel for her because she wants to make her family proud but why in the hell was she at that party? Maybe she was there to humiliate a Zeta as a part of the Summer Society Induction.

Two. Laura and Carmilla are getting better and that makes me so happy. Their relationship is going to go somewhere, hopefully for the better. They've made so much progress, they're being all the cute Hollstein I have dearly missed. They can totally move forward because they've just got so much chemistry and I believe in them.

Lastly, I just love how they all were back in 2012. It just is incredibly accurate of how fast people can change in college. So hopefully Laura can realize that change is a natural thing and that people always change.

Well, that's all, folks, see you next week!


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