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Carson Lueders Keeps The Party Popping 'All Day'

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

12/04/2015 4:57 am
PopWrapped | Reviews
Carson Lueders Keeps The Party Popping 'All Day' | Carson Lueders
Media Courtesy of Carson Lueders' Facebook

Rising talent Carson Lueders is in the process of taking over pop music. The fourteen year old performer is well on his way to superstardom, and he has amassed a collection of fans across the globe.

This summer Lueders toured North America on the Pop Nation Tour (where we got to interview him), and since then he has been very busy! On November 27th, the rising pop star released his EP All Day, and it serves as a phenomenal introduction to Carson Lueders.

All Day gets off to a fantastic start with "Pop", an ode to a crazy party. In the early moments of the track Lueders invites a young wallflower to come dance with him, and they proceed to ignite the party. "The DJs bumping / the party's jumping" Lueders sings over a playful synth. Layered vocals repeat the word "pop" on the chorus adding an effervescent feel to the pop jam. The track is an instant earworm and easily one of the best efforts off a solid album.

After amping up the party atmosphere, Lueders promises to treasure his crush on the mid-tempo "Movie Star". A piano introduction sets the scene for a soulful ballad, but production picks up as Carson moves into the chorus and promises to treat his date to the finest experience. Thematically, the topic is pretty standard for a young male popstar, but Carson ups the ante set by Justin Bieber on "Boyfriend". Instead of chilling by the fire and eating fondue, Lueders and his crush get to enjoy escargot in a limousine. When I was 14 I didn't know what escargot was (I'm still not totally sure what it is), but I knew it was fancy. Sounds like Carson Lueders is really going all out on this adorable love song!

"Crush" pushes Lueders into his upper register, and his voice sounds sublime as he confesses his feelings to a special girl. Backing vocals and an easily danceable chorus make for a listenable track as well as one of the more experimental tracks on the EP. Carson Lueders takes some risks, and they are definitely paying off!

Love remains the central concept on All Day's next track "Bae Back." The track features a more hip-hop inspired production complete with insistent synths and a solid beat, as Lueders puts his heart on the line to get his bae back. The track displays an unexpected level of maturity from the young artist, as Lueders boldly owns up to his mistakes and admits that "I took you for granted / now I'm missing our friendship". An extended dance break seems a little out of place on the track but will undoubtedly provide space for an epic dance break during live performances.

On "Wish She Was My Girlfriend" Carson Lueders laments a relationship between his crush and another boy. Lueder's voice is filled with longing on the track, and you can feel how badly he wants a chance with his crush. The track is endearing and heartfelt, and every listener can relate to the feelings of unrequited love.

The album's title track descends further into a hip-hop tinged pop, and Carson Lueders feels entirely at home as he rides the beat with confidence. The track feels like an ode to his fans, showing off his passion; the musician sings about working all day to achieve his goals. "I'm just trying to reach you / make you a true believer" he sings on the track's pre-chorus, before announcing that he is doing what he loves to do. This is probably the track where Lueders seems most at ease, and it is a must-listen as a result.

All Day serves light and playful pop with a hip-hop edge (hip-pop anyone), and Carson Lueders manages to make a solid impression with the release. It manages to sound appealing to fans new and old, and the album is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for the musician.

Carson Lueders follows in the footsteps of several of the most prominent pop musicians who have come ahead of him; however, the young artist is paving his own way. All Day has left us hungry for more!

What do you think about Carson Lueders' All Day? Let us know below!


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