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Television PopWrapped | Television

MTV Compiles A List Of The Best Cartoon Boyfriends

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

08/20/2014 11:24 am
PopWrapped | Television
MTV Compiles A List Of The Best Cartoon Boyfriends | Boyfriend
Media Courtesy of Tumblr/Disney
Courtesy of Tumblr/Disney Courtesy of Tumblr/Disney
If you ever had a crush on a cartoon as a kid (don't lie, you all have), this list is bound to be right up your alley. Here's your chance to confess without being judged! MTV has taken the liberty of compiling a list of "Cartoon Boyfriends"--seventeen male characters and what their personalities might be like if they were actually your boyfriend. Weird? Kinda. Entertaining? Definitely. Here are my five favorites out of the bunch:
Doug Funny Neutral Feeling/Tumblr
1. "Doug Funnie, the artsy shy guy who calls you his muse." The '90s child in me has to approve automatically of this one. Plus, let's face it, every girl would LOVE to be called a guy's muse. And how adorable was Doug, pining away for the girl he didn't have the guts to tell?
Li Shang Lovelifelove2013/Tumblr
2. "Li Shang, the boy who is strong enough to move all your crap into your new apartment." Okay, Li Shang was undoubtedly one of my first cartoon crushes ever. Mulan is my favorite old-school Disney movie, so I've seen it over and over...and over. Gotta love a guy in uniform, right? Even if he was a jerk at first. But hey, bad boys...
Ron Possible Tvpixels/Tumblr
3. "Ron Stoppable, your best-friend-turned-boyfriend." Ron Stoppable was nothing short of a totally weird kid, but he and Kim were a super cute couple. I still ship it.
Simba Lightningmcqueen/Tumblr
4. "Simba, the adventure-seeker who travels the world with you." I mean, I'm slightly confused as to how anyone could have a crush on an animated male lion, but if that's your thing... (I do love Simba, though...I just would not date him.) 5. "Arnold, the guy your parents absolutely love."
Hey Arnold Darkprincesspeach/Tumblr
Arnold was total boyfriend material. He was the most selfless and polite middle school kid I've ever seen. And he probably would have grown into that head of his by the time he was a teenager. Come to think of it, how cool would an All Grown Up version of Hey! Arnold have been? But I digress. Check out the other 12 candidates over at MTV.

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