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Castle: 07x13 I, Witness

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

03/21/2015 10:03 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 07x13 I, Witness | Castle
Media Courtesy of ABC
“Castle, stop chasing the mice in your head.” “But what if they’re leading me to the truth?" And now for another round of Richard Castle Investigations, featuring murder, deceit, and more than a few twists. How delightful. Now, let’s recap the events: Castle and Beckett are home planning to take a “nap” on their day off when Castle’s phone rings He deliciously quips that its strange for his phone to be the one who pulls him away. Castle’s got a case, y’all. So Castle arrives at his office to meet Eva, an old school friend who believes her husband is having an affair. She asks Castle to investigate it. At first he’s hesitant, but agrees to do it for an old friend. Castle follows Eva’s husband to a restaurant where he’s in a business meeting, eavesdropping on their conversation. He overhears Eva’s husband on the phone and it turns out she is correct: her husband is having an affair. The swine. So Castle calls to tell her the news, and she calls him back and asks him to bring the pictures to her house while she packs her bags to leave him. This is when things start to get Hitchcockian. Castle arrives as the house, and hears a blood curdling scream that chills every nerve in the soul. He races to the window to see his friend, Eva, being dragged across the floor and leaving a bloody trail in her wake. Castle hops the gate and chases down her attacker, an ominous man in black who is throwing her body into a car. He follows them to the woods, where his head meets the blunt end of a stone wielded by an attacker. Castle awakens to find the attacker and the body gone and searches for a signal to call Beckett and tell her he just witnessed a murder. He talks to the police and is adamant that Eva’s husband, Cole, is responsible for her death. They high tail it to Cole’s house, and Castle is visibly upset and shaken with rage at the sight of Cole. He tells Beckett he knows he killed Eva. There is no blood evidence in the house and Cole has an alibi. They speak to his mistress, who is adamant he was with her and not at home when Eva “disappeared”. Cole also says that he received a call from Eva the next day, saying she had cleaned out his bank account. Castle, when faced with this evidence, realizes that Eva played him and has staged her own murder. He has the entire scenario worked out. And then Beckett gets the cal: they found Eva’s body. So Castle, once again, accuses Cole for the murder, and his mistress gives up his alibi: he wasn’t with her that night. It looks like Cole is well and truly screwed. His lawyer comes to the station with Cole as his legal council takes him from the station, where Castle grabs him in anger and tells him to admit he murdered Eva. Lanie calls Beckett and tells her hair was found under a crack in Eva’s fingernail. It’s a match for Cole. They race to house, and open the door to find a pair of legs hanging like a pendulum from the chandelier. It seems like the guilt got to Cole after all. Later, though, Castle wakes Beckett asking why Cole would kill himself. He tells her it was staged. Cole was murdered, like Eva, and it was all an elaborate ruse. By the end of the episode, the facts are these:
  • Eva and Cole’s work mate Robert Whelan staged her murder scene, as Cole was having a second affair with Robert’s wife and they wanted to punish him.
  • Robert hid Eva in a company apartment until she could make her escape.
  • Cole was diddling Robert’s wife, so had an alibi.
  • Cole had a high level of sedatives in his system, and could not have killed himself.
  • Cole’s first wife also died in suspicious circumstances, and his lawyer was her sorority sister.
Yes, in the final twist in this Hitchcockian tale, the Lawyer did it. She thought Cole had gotten away with murder and worked her way into his company to seek revenge. She convinced Eva to set up Cole for her murder, and killed her to frame Cole. She thought she had committed the perfect murder. She should have realized there’s no such thing: As he mentioned in series 1, Castle has yet to write it. So Castle-ites, what did you think of this week’s episode? Was the ruse too elaborate, or did it keep you on your toes? Let us know in the comments below?

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