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Castle: 07×14 Resurrection

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

03/22/2015 8:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 07×14 Resurrection | castle
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“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when...” The softly-crooned words of Vera Lynn have resonated in the hearts of Castle fans since season 6, and thanks to the first half of the Castle season 7 two-parter, they once again reared their heads. Now let’s recap the episode, and the returned: The episode opens on a lone, blonde figure sprinting down an alleyway in a floating red nightgown, fleeing for her life as the moon lights her way. She looks everywhere for her pursuer, and just when she thinks she is safe, she comes face to face with his dark, ominous shadow. The next morning, she is found limp and lifeless on the street. Beckett, Espo and Ryan meet Lanie at the crime scene, where they inspect the body. The victim, Susan Watts, was discovered by a homeless man, Ed Turner, whose whereabouts are unknown. Susan was strangled, and ligature marks were left on her neck like a glaring beacon screaming the name of her killer: 3xk. Jerry Tyson returns. After consulting with the DA, Castle is granted leave to help investigate as he is au fait with the 3xk murders. Intimately so. After all, you’d have to be pretty well acquainted to be held hostage at gunpoint, and then strike the man down with a barrage of bullets, only to see him rise from the dead once more. Moving swiftly on. After some investigation, it was discovered that Susan Watts worked for “New Horizons”, a start up funded by—wait for it—Dr. Kelly Nieman. Yes, the doctor from last season who created clones of the Castle crew and made them into 3xk’s victims. Anyway, Dr. Nieman protests her innocence and cooperates with the police with a twinkle in her eyes and a smile that turns the heart cold, and the gang uncover the victim’s plastic surgery inspiration: Amy Barrett. Amy is seen in a picture getting into a car with a man who looks suspiciously like Jerry Tyson, our triple killer. Beckett and the boys go to the man’s apartment and place him under arrest, where he maintains his story that he is not Jerry Tyson. Castle, working with the NYPD, helps to question him, and Castle and Beckett then take a trip to Tyson’s mother’s home to try and get some of his DNA to prove they have the infamous killer in custody. They arrive back at the station, and Beckett gets a phone call from Amy Barrett saying that she saw the victim and her boyfriend, the 3xk look alike and tells Beckett she’s scared. Beckett leaves the precinct to find her, while Castle interrogates “Jerry." He discovers that 3xk kills blonde women and alters their appearances to resemble his mother, the first person he ever wanted to kill. It’s eerie to watch this moment flit across 3xk’s eyes, and some great acting on his part before he maintains, once again, that he is not Jerry. The DNA results come back, and it does not match 3xk. He is released and walks out hand in hand with Dr. Nieman. Before the elevator doors close, he winks at Castle, who is in the process of calling Beckett after realizing the witness, Ed Turner, is an anagram for "returned." Jerry Tyson is Ed Turner. How Keyser Soze of him. Beckett is a little incapacitated, as she is shot with a syringe and taken away in a wheel chair on the street corner. And Castle is treated to her voicemail and the resonating “We’ll meet again...” Bring on part two, Popwrappers.

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