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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Castle: 07x19 Habeas Corpse

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

04/02/2015 1:47 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 07x19 Habeas Corpse | Castle
Media Courtesy of Hypable
Ambulance chasing lawyer gets chased down like a dog by a sedan and leads Castle’s crew to investigate. Oh, and there’s a dance number or two. Intrigued? Let’s recap: So the aforementioned lawyer, named Ritchie, also goes by the pseudonym “Pitbull." He’s a small claims lawyer, seemingly with a heart, and Castle and Beckett seek out his office. They then talk to his ex-wife, who says he was a brilliant corporate lawyer, who gave up his life with big business to represent the little guy. Richie believed that the law should represent everyone, not just corporations with money to burn. What a stand up guy. Shame he’s dead. Moving on—Richie’s office was ransacked, all his files strewn across the floor. All signs pointed to his arch nemesis, The Savannah Hammer, who Richie’s assistant believed held a grudge. Beckett and Castle visit him at the hospital, where he was with a client. He is adamant he had nothing to do with Richie’s murder, as he was “nailing his client." The Savannah Hammer tells the NYPD crew that Richie was trying to poach his client, a woman who ended up with shrapnel in her heart after a car accident. A video is found of Richie being pulled into a car late at night, like the one seen leaving the crime scene. It turns out to be Derek Bolt, a further NFL player. He worked against Richie in a case last year, and was thought to hold a grudge. It turns out he had hired him to work on a paternity test. Apparently Richie asked Bolt to give him a ride to a diner to meet someone. Back at Richie’s office, a panel is found in the wall with a gear bagged filled with rope, glow sticks, and chloroform. Maybe he’s not such a stand up guy. The night vision goggles, also found in the bag, belonged to a Richard Samson, Investigator. He says that Richie asked to borrow the things for a case, but had no clue about the chloroform. He did say that Richie asked him the best way to bury a body. After finding out that Richie’s cell phone pinged a tower near the mountains (calling all Serial fans), so Caskett investigate. After a while, they stumble across the site and start to dig, discovering a body bag...and are then held at gun point. Their masked assailant steals the body, and Castle and Beckett break free from their shackles, and make it back to the NYPD to find video of the man who attacked them—the Private Investigator. They track him down, and find the body in his trunk—it’s a car crash dummy. The dummy has three wounds in the chest, and this is when the plot fits together: Richie was a corporate lawyer, who represented a car company. Their product had faulty airbags, which killed several people and injured the girl currently in the hospital. Richie was trying to get Karmic Payback for his wrong doings as a corporate lawyer and right a wrong. His ex-wife currently represents the company. She is taken into questioning, where we discover that Richie broke into the company offices where she worked to get evidence for the case and get the dummy. She says she say the P.I. talking to someone shortly before the time of Richie’s death. The Savannah Hammer saw how much the company would be willing to pay for the evidence, and hired the PI to get the body back. His alibi fell through, and the tire iron in his boot was bleached and his carpet was covered in Richie’s blood. Looks like the hammer got nailed. Then, in the NYPD: There is a charity policeman’s dance competition. Each two person team has to come up with a routine, and dance for the prize. Ryan and Esposito have won the trophy two-times running, but they are hankering for the trifecta. Castle is antsy to get in on the action, and when an act pulls out, Castle volunteers his and Beckett’s services—Much to Beckett’s chagrin. It turns out Kate has stage fright when it comes to performing, unbeknownst to Castle. So Beckett is freaking out, and Castle and Esposito place a bet on who will be the winner. While practising Castle overhears Beckett tell Martha that she’s terrified of performing.  Castle convinces his friend to perform instead, because he would never want to cause Beckett that hardship, but doesn’t tell her so she can save face. At the end, they perform their own song and dance for the only people who matter: each other. But can we just talk about Ryan and Esposito’s routine to “Get Lucky?" Can we just?! I mean, wow. Just. Wow. Castle-fans, thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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