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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Castle: 08x01, XY

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

09/22/2015 10:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 08x01, XY | XY
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Where oh where oh where is Beckett?

Castle season 8 started off with a bang, and a mystery, or several, to solve as we meet up with our favourite crime novelist/PI on his latest adventure in "XY."

And, like all season openers, this one started with a bang.

So Beckett is the precinct’s new captain, as Gates has been promoted and Castle gifts her with a diamond-encrusted bracelet, that looks a little like handcuffs. She loves it, and after receving a call from a “telemarketer” heads on her way to a meeting.

Castle, meanwhile is heading back to PI biz with his swanky office and new associate Alexis.

The latter he was unaware of—Alexis has been solving cases under his very nose.

You go, girl.

Esposito and Ryan get called to a crime scene and call Castle as they can’t get through to Beckett and need more man power. Castle can’t through to Beckett either and turns up to the crime scene to find the bracelet he bought coated in blood.

Beckett’s missing.

The guys follow up on reports and Castle encounters a British PI who follows her own rules, Hayley, after she ransacks an apartment listing he visited as a clue.

She’s like Luther. She’s cool.

Hayley tells Ryan and Esposito that she doesn’t know where Beckett is and was just looking for a hacker. They get called to a crime scene where they are told a bleeding Beckett took a hostage with her accomplice. Alexis discovers he may have been diabetic, due to faintness and nausea, so she tracks down a local ambulance that was at the scene of a prank, and uses her newly honed PI skills to get a lead on Beckett’s whereabouts.

Castle and Hayley, meanwhile, visit a storage unit filled with guns, and Hayley gets in a fight with a 

mystery assailant that we say murder a man in cold blood in the even colder opening.

The woman cuts Hayley’s arm with a knife and scampers off, and the PI does some investigating.

Castle visits Bracken, as it seems to be Beckett’s last whereabouts from the information gained from 

the Taxi driver Beckett hired.

Castle visits Bracken, who says Beckett will never stop hunting her mother’s killer. Castle is then 

kidnapped after his meeting with Bracken by the woman who attacked Hayley.

Alexis runs to the precinct, tears in eyes, as her father has disappeared again. After some sleuthing, 

the gang discover his whereabouts.

At this stage, Castle is being tortured by a bad man and a bag of spiders over Castle’s head, before 

our favourite novelist breaks out of his plastic reins  and attacks his tormentor. He runs for it and is 

taken down by the woman who murdered the man at the start of the episode.

She is then shot down by a mystery saviour.


Castle asks her where she’s been, and she can’t stay, so she tells him she loves him and runs off into 

the distance, disappearing like a ghost.

At the precinct, the woman is being questioned and is giving nothing away, while Alexis has a heart 

to heart with Castle on what it was like to lose him last year and she does not want that to happen 


They embrace, and the gang is partially back together, until the murderess from the interrogation 

grabs a policeman’s gun and shoots wildly in the precinct, only to be taken out by Esposito.

She’d rather die in a barrage of bullets then answer their questions.

The episode ends with Beckett being cornered by some very big people and even bigger guns in an 

abandoned building, and...

I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Until then, Castle fans.


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