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Castle: 08x04, What Lies Beneath

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

10/14/2015 8:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 08x04, What Lies Beneath | Castle
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What do you get when you cross a priest, a liar, the mafia and a conspiracy?

An interesting episode.

Let’s recap this week’s Castle.

So, in this week’s cold open we meet a man who strolls into a church and prays aloud asking if he’s on the right track.

The bullet to the sternum through the stained glass window from a mystery assailant might suggest otherwise.

The 12th precinct guys talk to the blind priest who runs the church, who informs them that the victim was a famed novelist also known as “P.J. Moffat”, who is a well-known recluse.

The news breaks about his murder and Castle is on the case.

He turns up to the precinct with the victim’s wife, who says that they were living as recluses for research into his next novel about the mafia.

Ryan and Esposito track down a hit man from the mob, as “P.J. Moffat” also claimed to be “Jimmy Two Guns”—a mobster from the 80s.

It turns out he wasn’t who he said he was—the man was known as Dave Johnson and he was a pathological liar.

Castle, Ryan and Espo meet the man who “hypothetically” was about to gun down Dave, when he realised he wasn’t Jimmy two guns and informed them he was arguing with a man outside a community centre. They investigate and end up at a pathological liars anonymous support group.

And one of Dave’s lies caught up with him.

I guess the truth doesn’t always set you free.

Castle and Alexis meet up with the blind priest—who turns out to not be blind and only pretending so he could get his choice of a parish. He gets away from Castle, much to Beckett’s amusement, but is picked up by Espo and Ryan. He confesses to lying about his blindness and informs them he had asked Dave to break into the mayor office and alter records so it looked like the church had paid its debt. He then discovered $10m missing from the city’s funds which had been embezzled.

Castle and Beckett meld minds and decide a Midnight Run homage is the best way to track the killer. However, Caste informs Beckett she can’t be involved in case it blows up in her face.

The priest informs the suspect, a man from the mayor’s office who fired Dave Johnson, that the thumbnail with evidence of his embezzlement would be hidden in the church.

Castle, Alexis, Espo and Ryan stake out the church. Castle gets Alexis to turn the lights ou and the killer snatches the thumbnail and runs.

However, Castle had a backup plan and planted a virus on the drive that could be tracked.

However, it turns out the man is innocent and the real killer is Dave Johnson’s wife, who couldn’t forgive him for lying to her about being a famous author and for making her live a life of poverty.

Mystery solved.

In other notables: Espo and Ryan decided to do the Sergeants exam, except there’s only one spot so Ryan sneakily claim it as his own causing tension between the two. However, Ryan gives Javi the spot as an act of penance before Beckett informs them that she got them both a place.

Beckett makes terrible coffee. Castle makes good coffee. And this entire exchange is so back to early, basic Castle it makes my heart a little bit happy.

And that’s all, Castle fans. Thoughts?


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