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Castle: 08x06, Cool Boys

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

11/17/2015 7:31 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 08x06, Cool Boys | Castle
Media Courtesy of ABC

It really was a case of Upper West Side Story on this week’s Castle!  We were re-united with Firefly alum Adam Baldwin as Detective Ethan Slaughter, and there was even a Broadway number.

Let’s recap “Cool Boys”:

The cold open is a flash forward, leading Ryan and Espo to an abandoned warehouse with a crew to tackle some dangerous criminals. They break down the door and scope out the areas and...

Oh hey, Castle.

Oh hi, Slaughter.

Now, two days earlier, Alexis gets a  visitor in the Castle, P.I. offices looking for the eponymous Castle.  As it turns out, Slaughter’s on a white collar gig, rather than gang crimes, and wants Castle’s help, since he’s essentially Sherlock.

After some unsolicited advice from Martha Rodgers (coming to a book shop near you), Castle tells Slaughter he’s not interested. After all, last time he had to take anxiety medication for a week after they worked together. However, the allure of finding out about how he chased gun raiders down a sewer is too much for the novelist to pass up for his next book, and the boys are back together again.

And you know what? I couldn’t be happier.

This was more of a classic episode of Castle, the one that we all know and love: charming, funny, quirky and nerdy, with so many easter eggs floating around it’s like the bunny lost his basket.

It was refreshing, and while I do miss the Beckett/Castle dynamic, I have to say I’m very much enjoying Castle P.I.

Anywho, moving on.

Castle and Slaughter track down Slaughter’s favourite snitch. Unfortunately he has a sizable problem of being dead. There is a large knife protruding from his neck, and Lanie is on the case. She tells Ryan and Espo that the victim, Victor Lee, was exsanguinated from the knife wound to the neck. Ew.

Slaughter goes in hunt of the killer, and Espo and Ryan think he is the killer.

Castle takes Slaughter’s word that he didn’t kill Victor, and they hunt down a microchip dealer who had connections to the victim. Castle making Slaughter play good cop is one of the funniest parts of the show. Slaughter throwing the suspect into the garbage when Castle wasn’t looking was even better.

They return to Castle’s office and meet Hayley, who is consulting on the case.

She’s fantastic, so we’re always glad to see Hayley. Even Slaughter seems impressed, although not subtly so.

She informs the boys that Victor had a lock pick in his mentee, a young genius with a rap, who can break any digital lock and has an IQ of 190.

Castle and Slaughter suss out the kid, believing he may have killed Victor. On meeting him and seeing the fear in his eyes, Castle believes he is innocent, so they question the man who attacked him.

He informed them that Victor had the word out that he had a key that could break any digital lock and would auction it off to the highest bidder. Seemingly, he was just using the kid. So not cool.

Espo and Ryan arrest Slaughter, but Castle fakes a throwing of the keys and steals the detective’s car.


Castle and Slaughter hang out in Slaughter’s ex-wife’s house. Apparently he majored in musical theatre. I’m still letting that one sink in. Jonathan, the mentee, hacks the IP address for the building and asks for their help, but he is ambushed. After some detective work, they discover the building where he is being held. Slaughter thinks there is only one guy there and knocks him out. Turns out there were several.

In a stroke of genius, which would not work in real life but worked wonderfully in the world of the show, Castle breaks into a lovely rendition of “Cool Boys” from West Side Story, joined by Slaughter and then...

Fight scene!

The two knock out every man in the room and are joined by Ryan and Espo, who have also worked out where the suspects are hiding. Thankfully, they thought to bring back up.

It turns out, though, that the men keeping him hostage were not Victor’s killers.

Ryan and Espo discover that that $50 million was taken from Booth’s—a large head fund manager from whom Jonathan and Victor robbed a microchip —account and trace it back to the councillor from the mentor programme for at-risk youths who used to work for Booth before he was fired for sexually harassing the boss's wife and being blackballed across the industry.

He got in an argument with Victor and didn’t mean to kill him.

And that’s the case closed, folks.

Slaughter decides to mentor Jonathan and asks Castle to get his sentence reduced because he was impressionable and being led on, and Jonathan agrees to mentor Slaughter back so he can be a good person.

And that’s the end of that episode.

Thoughts, Castle fans?


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