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Castle: 08x07, The Last Seduction

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

11/18/2015 7:28 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 08x07, The Last Seduction | Last Seduction
Media Courtesy of ABC

Oh honey,  those kind of traps never work out well.

Now onto the latest episode of Castle, "The Last Seduction".

In the cold open, we see a man come home in the middle of the night and realise a knife is missing from the kitchen block. He grabs a baseball bat, but it doesn’t stop the knife entering his body nine times and the backsplash of blood.

Back at the precinct, Javi and Ryan are going through counseling after Ryan shot Javi in the ass. Their therapist asks if they want new partners, and they are hesitant, so she recommends a buffer instead.

Enter Castle.

Castle agrees, but only if the guys help him with his anniversary surprise for Beckett.

The find the guy who Scott McCoy, our victim, had a bar fight with and bring him in as a suspect. It turns out they were friends, and this man, Anton, was wing-manning Scott in order for him to seduce married ladies.

Castle sneaks into the office while Kate interrogates Anton and sets up a confetti surprise, which blows up in his face.


So, Javi and Espo stall Beckett while Castle cleans up and leaves behind a button for her to push with a balloon that asks her to dinner for their anniversary.

She agrees, and the rest of the confetti falls.


They follow a lead after money was transferred to Scott’s bank account, and this leads them to the top divorce attorney in New York.

Scott was a honey trap, y’all.

At the apartment (that was paid for through this shell corporation), Scott had a hidden camera and wifi printer to record his acts of infidelity with client’s wives so they would be in breach of their pre-nups.

When they get turned down for a warrant, Espo and Ryan decide to send Castle in, pretending to be a client. He wears live-streaming glasses and notices the client log on the desk. When the divorce lawyer asks if he still has hope for his marriage, Castle pauses, and Kate is listening on the other side.

More on that later.

Castle gets caught, but it was all part of the plan, as Alexis swoops in and takes some pictures of the client log to see who Scott was dealing with and how it might have cost him his life.

The answer is George McKelleher, the CEO for a toy company.

He is brought in for questioning and states that he was not trying to divorce his wife, and they were renewing their vows next week; he was so smug, so they dig a little deeper.

As Beckett and Castle are about to go to their anniversary dinner, Espo and Ryan essentially break up and don’t want to be partners anymore.

Dinner plans cancelled.

Javi says he can’t trust Ryan, and Ryan thinks Espo rubbed it in his face that he passed the sergeants' exam, but Ryan didn’t.

Castle gets a phone call, and they find out that George had hired Scott to seduce his mother in order to oust her as the head of the company.

She is brought in and explains that her son wanted to move manufacturing abroad for cheaper labour, but she would not as people would lose their jobs and wouldn’t be able to support their families.

Apparently, Scott had broken into the divorce lawyer's office to find proof, and this is why he wound up dead.

Javi and Ryan go to her office to arrest her, and, when Javi is left alone, she pulls a gun on him. He tries to reason with her, but she is not seeing sense. As he reaches for his gun, Ryan pops into the room and sees that she is about to shoot Espo.

Ryan knocks Javi to the ground and takes the bullet for his friend.

Espo is in shock at the lifeless Ryan beside him, tears welling in his eyes, until Kevin bounces up and coughs. The notepad that Espo had stuffed in his pocket saved him from a bullet to the heart.

They chase down the murderous lawyer and arrest her for Scott’s death.

Espo and Ryan are back on track and hug it out. After all, taking a bullet for someone is no mean feat.

Meanwhile, Castle hears a knock at his door and opens it to find Kate with Chinese food waiting outside. He invites her in and sweeps her into an embrace.

They are timing in for their time out and celebrate their anniversary in style.

Kate asks Castle about the video from the lawyer’s office, and if he still had hope for them. He tells her he never gave up hope, from the day they first met, and never will.

It’s adorable. I can’t.

When Beckett goes to change into some clothes, her phone buzzes and Castle sees a text. They found something.

Methinks it won’t be long until he finds out she’s secretly working on the Vulcan Simmons case, but only time will tell.


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