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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Castle: 08x09, Tone Death

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

02/11/2016 10:02 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 08x09, Tone Death | Castle
Media Courtesy of ABC

We’re back, Castle fans.

Now let’s recap this week’s antics, and find out more about Svetlana and Dr. Livingstone:

In this week’s cold open, Martha is prepping for a performance with her back up singers, and the snow rig gets jammed. After the crew jerks it open, a sea of blood rains down on them and it seems that someone’s intentions weren’t as pure as the driven snow.

Our victim is Robin King a night janitor at the theatre where Martha was performing. Martha is shocked by her death and asks Richard to help.

Of course, he’s busy secretly having “meetings” with Beckett and working on their “agendas." Saucy.

Castle and Beckett are fake fighting in public and really making up for it in private, by the sounds of it. So, when Castle joins the investigation, they have to pretend to be tense to throw off Ryan and Espo.

Robin was an ex-con and the gang bring in her ex-con “mama”, who Robin had a fight with the previous night. Mama says that Robin had found a new family. When Beckett, Ryan and Espo go into a meeting, an alert lights up on Robin’s phone. Secret message emojis are the new normal, I guess.

Anyway, Castle takes a snap of the alert and he, Alexis and Martha work out that there is a secret meeting at the Shephard Taurus shopping mall at midnight that night.

What seems like it might be a dangerous trip turns out to be a lot of fun.

Robin was in an underground a capella group, guys.

Yes, think pitch perfect melodies.

So, Castle, Alexis and the NYPD bust up the meet and Robins group tell the guys that they were all ex-cons on the straight and narrow. They met at the NBP (No back-slide programme) for young offenders who wanted to get back on the right path. They had even entered a nation al a capella competition.

Espo, Ryan, Castle and Beckett go to the competition. Ryan and Espo confront Castle as to why Beckett is so pissed. Castle says it’s because he’s dating a Russian underwear model called Svetlana, and the boys are ready to kill.

Beckett find out and informs them she is dating a Dr. Livingstone.

Their secret rendezvous took on a sexy new twist.

Anywho, Espo gets in a sing off with a witness and finds out that the judge had been bribed to oust the aca-cons.

Yes you read that correctly. Espo has a wonderful singing voice. Kudos on the voice, dude.

Robin had apparently ran out during their opening sting, and after Castle and the boys watch it, they realise that Robin may not have crashed the car and caused the crime she was arrested for. She was tourniquetted with an Hermes scarf, and she would not have been able to afford that.

It turns out, the founder of the NBP had been responsible, and started the programme as penance. She was in Philadelphia, so couldn’t have killed Robin.

But her husband could.

He is arrested for her murder and Robins aca-crew perform in her honour.

Then Svetlana and Livingstone have a hot date.

And that’s this week’s episode folks. Did you find it aca-awesome, or was it aca-palling? Let us know your thoughts.


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