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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Castle: 08x10, Witness For The Prosecution

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

02/17/2016 6:40 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 08x10, Witness For The Prosecution | Witness
Media Courtesy of ABC

This week, Castle goes beyond the murder and ends up in the courtroom — and there are more than a few twists.

Let’s recap:

We open on Castle, who is attending a party and runs upstairs to find a woman standing over the corpse of another, pulling a poker from the victim’s chest.

Six months later, Castle is the eye witness in her murder trial, speaking on behalf of the defence as proof that the defendant, Nina O’Keeffe, killed victim Sadie.

Beckett tells Castle not to be too charming and gives him words of encouragement while Castle comes up with a symbol to show he loves her while they’re pretending to be apart.

It’s a very awkward and adorkable rub of the nose.

Altogether now: Aww.

The trial isn’t as clear-cut as it would first appear, as Caleb Brown (whom Beckett was investigating as part of LOCKSAT) turns up as the defendant's new attorney.

He quickly turns the tables on eye-witness Castle and makes him realise that he might have witnessed SOMETHING has no proof that he witnessed the murder.

And Castle agrees.

He and the gang from the 12th precinct work to try and solve the six-month-old murder. They discover that Nina was having an affair with the victim, who kept it a secret from her husband and child, and they had a fight the night before her death.

Castle, then, goes back to the scene of the crime, and notices the basketball hoop was moved ... a

nd realises that Nina might not have killed Sadie.

Moving the hoop was an act of premeditation, not passion, so Nina’s motive seems to be out the window. Castle gets himself thrown into a prison cell by being in contempt of court (by insulting the judge’s law degree) and talks to Nina. She says she loved Sadie, and she ran because she knew it looked like she had killed her. She said they fought because Sadie wanted her to steal the host of the party’s glass. Nina had stolen Roger Casement’s glass and given it to Sadie.

Castle initially thinks Sadie and Roger had an affair, and she was trying to see if her daughter was his. However, Roger is infertile. It then leads to the discovery of fingerprint-locked cell, where they find a video of Sadie and Roger discovering money in Iraq. It turns out Sadie had stolen it, and she wanted the evidence.

Castle goes to court and proclaims Nina’s innocence and that the only reason she was accused was bad timing. He saw her because the downstair bathroom was being used...

By the killer.

Castle realises that, after Nina had run away, he had spotted someone come out of the bathroom with mud on their shoes: 

Sadie’s husband.

He had killed her over her affair and had finally been caught in the act.

Case closed.

Until next time, Castle fans.


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