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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Castle: 08x12, The Blame Game

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

02/24/2016 3:12 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 08x12, The Blame Game | Blame Game
Media Courtesy of ABC

Mr. Castle and Ms. Beckett, would you like to play a game?

Yes this week’s mystery was fairly mysterious. It involved a game of puzzles and murder most foul.

Let’s recap "The Blame Game":

We open on a young woman doing her make up in the mirror, who leaves the scene to check something in her wardrobe. She comes back and sees a symbol drawn in lipstick on her mirror, before she is shot from behind by a mystery assailant.

Our victim, Emma Matthews, was a news producer and had recently been promoted. She had got in an argument with a colleague over the promotion, according to her friends, and they suspected he killed her.

Not quite.

Emma was working on an expose of her own, which brings the big mystery into play for this week’s episode.

Caste meets Martha and Alexis for lunch and tells them Stephen King has finally forgiven him and wants to do a collaboration. Castle goes to a mysterious building and, in true Castle style, gets drugged and kidnapped.

He wakes up in a school room with three other men, who each have a pain in their arm and no recollection of how they got there. Castle realises they’re being watched once they notice there is no escape from the room. They break open the emergency glass and a bee flies out, stinging the minister in the group. He is deathly allergic to bees and his epi pen is missing. The crew frantically search for it and discover it is hidden in a puzzle box. They work out the code: “Play or die”. Castle inject him, only to discover the pen was laced with poison. They are lead to a clue which says “2 will cure, 1 will kill.” One of the men Judah finds three vials and is about to give him the second vile, when castle stops him. He realises it means two vials. Both 1 and 3 combined. He feeds him the antidote and he is cured. They then find another clue behind the clock, and find the key in the axe from the emergency glass. It unlocks a compartment with a revolver.

Only one may stand.

The screen then flashes and Castle sees Beckett and the wives of two of the other men in another room.

Things got even more twisty.

The girls are also solving the same puzzles.

Beckett stops Meadow, the wife of Simon from Castle’s room, from smoking a cigarette laced in peanuts. She allergic to them.

They work out the puzzles together and when the compartment reveals the revolver, Meadow makes a grab for it. Simon sees his wife on screen holding the gun and decides to do the same. The minister steps in front and tells him not to, and Simon pulls the trigger.

Simon dies instantly.

The gun was rigged to backfire.

Nothing is safe in the room.

The men and women each make it out of the room at the same time and congregate in the hallway. The minister runs to the open door even though the others are hesitant, and they are booby-trapped inside. There are three levers. Only three people can escape, while the others are left behind holding the levers. The minister volunteers immediately, and Castle and Beckett follow suit, leaving Patty, Judah and Meadow to escape.

The minister goes to leave and is barricaded in. Castle and Beckett inform him the jig is up. He is our game master.

To tie it al together, he is the twin of our victim, Emma. Their parents made them solve puzzles for hours a day and it twisted his mind. Emma wanted to expose them, so he killed her. He wanted t publically shame them, with a mass murder-suicide. Castle knocks the gun he acquired out of his hand with a loosened lever and the NYPD arrive just in the nick of time.

Alexis had discovered her Dad was missing and kidnapped (again) so used her super sleuthing skills to track him down.

She worries about him a lot, so Hayley takes her out for drinks and dancing.

Meanwhile Castle and Beckett have a cosy night in.

I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzling mystery in "The Blame Game", but what did you think? Let us know.


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