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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Castle: 7x20, Sleeper  

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

04/21/2015 9:35 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Castle: 7x20, Sleeper    | castle
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

After a two week break, Castle is back, and after a series of questions, we’re beginning to discover what happened after Castle went missing.

Let’s get down to business.

So Castle’s having recurring dreams about the time he was missing, and Beckett’s not slow to pick up that something’s wrong. She asks Castle to fess up, and he tells her he’s been dreaming of the two months he was gone, but doesn’t want to consider it a big deal.

But it is a big deal.

After some coercion, Castle decides to see a therapist to get some answers.

Cue the flashbacks.

Castle tried to forget what happened, but they’re haunting him and he wants to understand the meaning of his dreams. If they are real.

“I was in Thailand... get shot at... with Chuck Norris?”

Classic Castle.

So Castle’s fugue state brought back memories of a jungle, aiding a wounded soldier, being chased by men in a van—while wearing Camouflage—and being saved by a Chuck Norris look alike with an army tattoo.

After a dubious start, and mainly to appease the memory challenged writer, Beckett and the boys investigate. Computer Whiz Tori finds the license plate for the van that was chasing him, which ended up to be a Thailand register. Which explains the Dengue fever that Castle had when he was found on the boat.

They also look into the army tattoo and they find the Chuck Norris look alike. Unfortunately he’s a little tied up with a bullet in the skull to be very talkative.

In the morgue, Lanie finds out that his teeth were extracted pre-mortum, and the killer wanted information. She said there was talc in the victim’s mouth, which means the gloves would be bloody and the killer would have had to dispose of them. They bring out the hounds and a delightful bloodhound called Cujo finds the gloves and missing teeth four blocks from the victim's house.

Ryan and Esposito talk to an Exotic dancer from the club the victim frequented, and she told them a guy was looking for him that night and said he was an old army buddy. After Caste has a flash on the guy’s face during a news broadcast, they have their killer.

A Russian assassin.

Things can never be simple, can they?

Beckett and the boys go back to the victim’s apartment, while Castle looks through credit card records at the NYPD. “Suni's Cafe” is a recurring charge, so Castle decides to investigate. While he doesn’t find “Henry Jenkins” there, he does see the man who he saved from bleeding out from the back of the truck in his memory. He instantly flinches when he sees Castle, and says his cover is blown and he’s a dead man.

So he explains what happened.

He was a friend of Castle’s from school—they erased that memory too—and he helped Castle with research for his first Derek Storm novel because he had information about  terrorist groups.  He was involved in Al Qaida, but defected to the US. He had information on a new attack, but his contact was shot so he needed a prominent face that couldn’t go missing, a man he could trust.

Enter Castle.

Due to time constraints, Castle’s wedding day was the casualty of war. As were his memories.

Castle’s friend is relocated, but the Russian comes a-calling. With two swift bullets, he is stricken down by Henry Jenkins. Jenkins saved Castle’s life, and told him he saved tens of thousands of people. And to stop looking into it.

Castle tells the family, and they all seem happy that he’s a live and he’s a hero.

But why was Castle shot? And why did he lose all his memories?

I guess we’ll find out on next week’s episode.

So Castle fans, thoughts on the episode? Sound off below.

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